Windows Apps

Windows phone has a small yet dedicated group of users who are drawn to it because of flexibility offered by windows OS. By developing windows apps, your company can reach to a new set of audience who are looking for the high performance and user-friendly mobility solutions based on windows platform.

How we make the difference

MaxMobility is one of the veteran mobile app development companies in India and has built enterprise level applications for some of the biggest brands like Coca-Cola, Bharti Airtel , Spencers’.

We have some of the best windows developers of the country who have been developing windows app for years and are capable of dealing with the toughest challenges.

We offer innovative, fluid design; standardized process; and a target user focused windows web application which can serve your purpose.

Case Study

SastaSundar app is an one stop shopping solution for your medicines, health and personal care wants. Explore, enquire and get the products delivered to where you want. With over 1,50,000 registered users, SastaSundar aims to deliver quality healthcare at affordable price. Perhaps as you read through this, your neighbours or your friends might have already had the delightful experience of our innovative, user friendly yet smart platform. Here’s why:

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