• 12 Amazing Ways in Which Sales Force Automation Helps You Overcome Sales Engagement Challenges

12 Amazing Ways in Which Sales Force Automation Helps You Overcome Sales Engagement Challenges

Posted By Max Mobility
On 29-Apr-2021
  • Sales Force Automation

Sell smart happens to be the key sales engagement mantra in 2021! From Sales Prospecting to Closing & Qualifying, each part of the sales process has its own set of challenges & solutions. Understanding at what stage of the cycle your customers would like to engage with you is a primary concern in engaging better and leading the process towards conversions! Can a Sales Force Automation Software help your cause? Turns out, it can!

A Hubspot research points out that almost 60% of consumers want to connect with sales during the Consideration Stage of the cycle - that is, when they have already researched and shortlisted their preferences. 

But in this process, is there any scope for a disconnect to occur? After an extensive research of general consumer expectations and study of successful conversion roadmaps, we have isolated some key challenges and solutions for you to consider:

1.Sales follow up challenges

Where do Sales reps draw the line between being pushy and driven? There’s an important statistic to note here:

More than 60% of consumers say no four times before saying yes, whereas almost 48% of sales reps never even make a second follow up attempt. 

This is clearly one of the biggest bumps on the road to successful conversions. But how can you track and consolidate this disconnect?

Solution: Your Sales Force Automation Application is your best friend here. It lets sales managers track lukewarm sales efforts and assign and manage high potential leads better by assigning them to more driven sales personnel. This is one of the biggest gaps to fill between building a strategy and its success.

2.Thin Email Response Rate 

Stepping up your email marketing game could provide a major boost to your sales funnel. When it comes to new customer acquisition, Email is clearly 40% more effective than Facebook or Twitter.

But getting a steady flow of responses from your leads is rare and it needs you to employ only the best email strategies to ensure you have your consumers right where you need them.

Solution: Promptness is of key importance here! With the right Sales Force Automation solution, you can automate the initial part of the process and even schedule effective follow-ups. Ensure that your leads know that their attention is clearly your first priority.

Moreover, try to personalize your email content to ensure that you are sending only tailor-made content that conveys a sense of familiarity that is hard to ignore.

3.No defined Sales Engagement Playbook

An effective sales engagement playbook is key in building the base for a fail-safe strategy. Without it, your sales efforts become random and in an effort to target everyone, you end up engaging nobody.

Specificity is the success factor of your sales strategy.

Solution: The only solution here is to create a Sales Engagement Playbook and run analytics to gauge its success. Chalk out your Ideal Customer Profile and Buyer Personas and include it within your strategy. Now based on that chalk out the engagement channels and major touchpoints! Ensure that you are creating set workflows for every sales scenario. And last but not the least, create a set of metrics and means of measurement that can help you assess and consolidate your strategy right.

4.Combatting Low Sales Efficiency

With administrative tasks piling on their plate at every bend in the sales cycle, we chalked out that an average sales rep can only spend 22% of their time in actual selling activities! 

When administrative tasks are engulfing the productive time of your sales reps, naturally sales productivity will be at an all-time low!

Solution: Embrace the transformative power of Sales Force Solutions that can automate repetitive tasks of your sales cycle, thereby letting sales reps do what they do best - SELL!

5.Inaccurate sales forecasting

Inaccurate sales forecasting is another time-suck that can completely derail your Sales KPIs and business goals.

Usually, when you recruit a new sales resource, you need to estimate the returns and include that in your forecast. The glitch? The major disconnect happens while estimating the induction time and the gap there is between initiation and full productivity of a sales rep.

Solution: Let your Sales Force Automation Application measure and provide ready reports for you to analyze & consider before sales forecasting. Your SFA solution provides you with an estimated sales ramp-up time, so you know how much time your sales reps need to be ready and fully productive in their sales efforts!

6.How are you different from your competitors? 

Consider this well and hard because the entire success of your sales strategy hinges upon this major question. The edge you have over your competitors is the pivotal point of your success.

Solution: Knowing your UVP is instrumental in ensuring that your sales reps are positioning right to your consumers.

Most of your Sales reps are probably dealing with a hundred leads every day! How will you ensure that each of your customer-salesperson interactions and touchpoints are of value and position the right UVP to your consumers?

Once again Sales Force Automation Software can save the day! With a ready and specific information pool for salespersons to refer to at any point, you can easily ensure that every touchpoint in the cycle stands out and creates the base for consumer faith and reliability.

It is not for nothing that Sales Force Automation Applications in India are all the rage now. Businesses that have embraced SFA staunchly swear by their transformative power.

From prospecting, selling, engaging, closing, to even sales forecasting, Sales Force Automation Softwares in India have proven effective at every point. With their myriad functions that impact the entire sales cycle, sales force automation is clearly the future of sales engagement boost.

So, have you chosen your ideal Sales Force Automation Solution yet to step into the world of increased engagement and conversions?