• 15 amazing benefits of using Enterprise Mobility Solutions

15 amazing benefits of using Enterprise Mobility Solutions

Posted By Max Mobility
On 24-Feb-2021
  • Business Mobile Apps

2020 was a real game changer. Statistics reveal that almost 61% of the workforce is now resorting to remote work-setups. Even more  shocking statistics reveal that remote accessibility has increased the average cost of a data breach by $137,000. Easier accessibility? Data Safety? What are the major things for us to focus on? Turns out, ALL of them.

As remote accessibility increases, better enterprise mobility solutions is the need of the hour.

So it is time for Enterprise Mobile App Development Companies to step up their game more than ever. What are the benefits that we reap out of improved mobility solutions?

  • Meeting the rising need for digital experience platform across devices

The mobile revolution is upon us! While we say that, you are probably reading this article on a mobile device anyway. While the need for mobile optimization is rising rapidly, mobility solutions remain the  only highway businesses need to take to get to their stop faster.

  Your consumers are looking for ways to get more things done on their mobile devices. More than 69% of e-commerce transactions made last year were through mobile devices. Clearly, business models need to be updated to make everything ‘mobile-ready.’

  • Enabling System and Cloud Integration

Analysing data points? Maintaining databases? Documentation? With the right Enterprise Mobile App Development Services, you can seamlessly maintain databases and regulate employee accessibility.

  • Introducing paperless workflows

Now who would not be relieved at the prospect of getting rid of an age-old documentation system and heaps of files. With improved mobility solutions, all your important workflow progress becomes transparent, easily accessible, and free of any manual errors!

  • Content-on-the-go - anywhere, everywhere!

With leading edge MCM (Mobile Content Management) tools, you can securely access and manage any vital content from any place, anytime!

  • Empowering your employees 

The employee comfort space is widening with the remote working setups. With advanced mobility solutions, employees can express and exchange ideas freely through various polls, surveys, and similar activities.

  • Seamless User Experiences

Retail mobile apps have already proven this point. New-age consumers and workers want to do more things on their mobile devices.

Being one of the leading Enterprise Mobile App Development Companies in India, we at MaxMobility can swear by the fact that mobile-friendly websites and mobile apps can leverage your business like never before. Our business lead surge increased by almost 66% after we optimized our website to include mobile icons and information.

The hype about mobility solutions being the future of business is indeed well-founded.

  • Increasing data accuracy

With the development of multiple data touchpoints, data specificity and accuracy increases.

It is not just about the right data at your fingertips though - with enterprise mobility solutions, you get incredible insights into data patterns, trends, and updates.

  • Post-sale Communications to boost buyer experiences

Every business is consumer-centric & mobility solutions are all the rage because they enhance and optimize buyer experiences. With the right mobility solutions, the buyer experience extends beyond the purchase. You can stay connected to your buyers, receive feedback, and provide instant support.

  • Utilizing the talent pool beyond geographic restrictions

With enterprise mobility options, you are no longer restricted by geography. You have the option to employ leading talents from across the globe with your remote-accessibility-on-the-go solutions!

  • Lower response time

New-age businesses are running on the motto that ‘time is money.’

How do Enterprise Mobile App Development services help you in this regard? With higher speed and lower response time of retrieving and storing data, you save millions in minutes.

  • Increased Productivity

Mobility solutions have proven to increase productivity by over 40% in consecutive 2 quarters. This increased productivity in ECM systems has boosted workflows immensely.

  • Reducing Operational Costs

By deploying remote work setups, employers can save a lot of resources. Also, when employees need to work from the office, easy mobility solutions can integrate and sync data across devices - the end result? Ease of access and data synchronization for all.

  • Seamless & faster reporting

When you integrate an enterprise mobility solution into your framework, every report is shared timely. Report, surveys, and audit processes become easy and quick and they can be viewed and analyzed across various devices.

  • Effective Collaboration

From timely reports to transparency in communication, mobility solutions guide and orchestrate everything. When mobility solutions are implemented, each member in the cycle is aware of its progress leaving less room for manual errors and miscommunication.

  • Employee flexibility - working smart

By choosing mobility over static work environments, employers are giving their employees flexible choices to operate. With choice and freedom comes enhanced productivity, and mobility solutions have already proven that.

Needless to say, Enterprise Mobile App Development Companies in India are innovating everyday to meet the demands of better mobility solutions quicker than ever! From reduced costs, saving time, to boosting customer experience - the unanimous response is a resounding ÝES to mobility solutions!

Jump on the bandwagon and you will see the difference!