• 5 Criteria to Look For While Choosing the Right Partner for Digital Transformation of Your Business Processes

5 Criteria to Look For While Choosing the Right Partner for Digital Transformation of Your Business Processes

Posted By Max Mobility
On 20-Apr-2017
  • Digital Transformation

As Brian Solis put it, Digital Transformation – one of the most used buzzwords in recent times – can be defined as  “…investment in new technology, business models, and processes to drive value for customers and employees and more effectively compete in an ever-changing digital economy.”

In the last few years, the rise in new technologies, primarily driven by startup ecosystem, has changed the consumer behavior drastically. As a result it has shaken up the way traditional organizations used to operate thus far. Nowadays, providing customers (and employees as internal users) with a compelling digital user experience is no more a matter of good-to-have but a necessity.

But, the way to digital transformation is NOT same for everyone. Period.

And, there is no dearth of service providers who can help you go digital. However, a little research will do no harm as you scout for that ideal digital partner. Another hard truth is that there is no perfect one either. We spoke to a few CEOs, CIOs, and CMOs as a part of our content research process, and here are some of the insights they shared with us that should help you select the right company to undertake the digital transformation of your business processes.

Ability to analyze customer behaviors and their preferences

Over 80% of the decision makers believe that the customer experience is driving the need for digital transformation these days. Hence, it’s of paramount importance that the digital partner you’re looking for is well equipped to do extensive research to understand and analyze the changing behaviors and patterns of your customers (internal or external). Their in-house capability to conduct primary and secondary research is a great starting point in identifying and validating the key factors for digital transformation.

Digital Transformation Needs Complex Skills & Exhaustive Industry Experience

It requires sharp ability to come up with unique solutions to cater to your business needs, understanding your business information architecture, and implementing the new technology. You should make sure that the company you are looking for has a substantial experience in doing end-to-end digital transformation for more than a few business cases. Ask for customer testimonials, and validate them.

An agile approach is a quintessential thing for a Digital Change:

Businesses are often burdened with internal framework of too many processes that can become a road blocker in the way of digital make over. This is a crucial point of discussion with your prospective digital partner. Collaborating with a digital partner that can scale up and down as per your requirements should set up the right momentum for your business transformation.

Mobile is the Key to Digital Transformation of every Kind:

No Matter what lies ahead in this disruptive digital landscape, any satisfying customer journey is not possible without a mobile device playing a central role. As Google defines it, the micro moments in your customer journey requires mobile first approach. It will be of extreme importance that the prospective digital partner has a great deal of expertise in mobility space.

Versatility in Digital capabilities is important:

To add to the other points already discussed so far, your digital partner should be well versed in dealing with scalability and flexibility to handle the emergence of newer trends and devices. In other words, you should find out what else they are into. Are they using the latest technologies and platforms; building some new innovative stuffs etc? When you have a partner who can provide a full stack of services leading to the digital transformation, then it solves a huge problem: the counter productive process of having different partners for different solutions.

A 360-degree service provider will be able to support you with the following things while you are planning to "go digital".

  1. Designing the right user experience, and information architecture
  2. Development - Enterprise Software / Web / Mobile Applications
  3. Change Management & Implementation / Deployment Support
  4. Train end users – Admins / work force / vendors / partners etc
  5. Provide round the clock maintenance support
  6. Strategize and create awareness about the changes and their impact

Complete Transparency in Pricing Structure helps a lot

In reality, almost every time, the final decision converges into one single thing. The Price. Ask for a specific breakdown and from here you’ll be able to understand whether your digital transformation partner has a clear understanding of the steps that are required to be delivered. Do not get stuck by too many technicalities, have a clear understanding of price points they are offering for individual solutions vis-a-vis the bundled package for the entire process of transformation.

At the end, for any service provider like ours, sharing such kind of a blog post is probably a bit fishy. You have the full right to smell a rat that we stacked the deck in our favor  However, while we are ready to fulfill these criteria, if this blog post makes you able to find a right partner, we will be more than happy to have helped you.