• 5 Industry Verticals Where Sales Force Automation Can Have Amazing Benefits

5 Industry Verticals Where Sales Force Automation Can Have Amazing Benefits

Posted By Max Mobility
On 12-Feb-2021
  • Sales Force Automation

While churning out the numbers, we found that the global market for Mobile Sales Force Automation Software dropped jaws across the globe with a whopping 7.29 billion USD in 2019 alone.  And that is not all. It is expected to grow steadily at a rate of 8.3% over the subsequent years. If anything, the Covid crisis has only made Sales Force Automation Apps more relevant and popular with remote accessibility being the order of the day.   So, to get to the crux of the matter, we need to understand the ways in which Sales Force Automation can have an impact on various industry verticals. Clearly, the almost universal popularity of Sales Force Automation Apps stands testimony to its myriad applications. However, one can not deny that it is still a fairly uncharted territory and we need all the help and understanding we can gather to tap into the full potential of SFA applied to all industry verticals. 

What Sales Force Automation can do for you

To understand where it could be applied best, we must first look at the versatile benefits of SFA that makes a favourite pick:
  • A ready information base for consumer queries: 

Sales Force Automation Systems essentially create an information database that can help salespeople resolve consumer queries and concerns more effectively.
  • Keeping you updated regarding your Sales metrics and Sales KPIs

How can you possibly manage what you can’t measure right? SFA has it covered. With different kinds of analytics options to choose from and metrics that you can apply, SFA keeps you ahead with ready reports and analyses.
  • Improving Salesforce productivity

Now you can not only measure and track the sales ramp-up time, but also optimize salesperson productivity by using SFA. From making things run faster to dispensing information better, using SFA has recorded an almost 39% increase in Sales force productivity. Who doesn’t like greater returns, right?
  • Hassle-free coordination, glitch-free communication

By providing a common platform for communication, SFA increases transparency of the process and minimizes the scope of miscommunication. With SFA, every person in the Sales Cycle is timely intimated regarding progress.
  • Better lead assessment and management

Your Mobile Sales Force Automation Software can assess the leads so that you manage the high-potential leads better and assign them to the right sales people. 
  • Helps you keep better track of your sales efforts and consolidate them

One of the biggest challenges faced by managers is detecting lukewarm sales efforts. With SFA you have a ready record to analyse sales efforts and ensure that failed efforts are not duplicated.  While we have underlined only the major benefits of SFA, there are still numerous ways it can be applied to various industry frameworks. Let’s take a look at the major industry verticals that SFA can completely revolutionize:
  • Banking

With remote accessibility on the rise, the cybersecurity jolt is one that companies are taking very seriously. Sales Force Automation Softwares are powerhouses of securing and handling sensitive data. This can have innumerable applications in the banking industry. With SFA, repetitive manual tasks like loan documentation can be done away with entirely.  By automating such documentation and coordination tasks, banks can save tons of money and times, all the while minimizing the chances of manual errors. 
  • Manufacturing

Surveys record that the most prominent names in the manufacturing industry get as many as 10,000 orders a day. Each of the data points need to be recorded and analysed. It would at least take a team of 60 to handle these manually. Sales Force Automation can make it all easier and more accurate at the push of a button. It also lets your consumers place their orders seamlessly. They will also have the option of registering their feedback. So when it comes to the manufacturing industry, Mobile Sales Force Automation Software serves a threefold purpose - filing field orders, process documentation, and recording customer feedback.  
  • Tourism

An industry that is booming with possibilities and thriving on personalization, the scope of SFA in the tourism industry is limitless. From customized booking data to a compendium of travel information, SFA can create wonders in easing the processes and making them hassle-free. With SFA, the tour agents’ lives become easier because they could send customized vacation deals and also resolve inquiries faster with just the right amount of automation magic!
  • Healthcare

Needless to say, amidst the Covid crisis gaining ground, one of the biggest concerns of our nation has been how to make our health workers' lives easier. Once again, SFA has/is the solution. One small mishap in documentation can cause great losses in this industry. Therefore, eliminating that room for error by automating the documentation process seems like the perfect solution. An official record documents that almost 20% of healthcare accounts go missing! SFA could be the groundbreaking solution for this industry, where it minimizes the scope for errors while also helping research initiatives and easing medication ordering. 
  • Media and Communications

The booming Media and Communications industry has been long struggling with determining viewer density, viewer preferences, etc. Now instead of resorting to the long winded and inaccurate door-to-door survey process, they could simply employ SFA to optimize their analytics procedure. Stations can record the data regarding viewer numbers and preferences that can be shared with the advertisers at the click of a button.  SFA can also increase and optimize interactions with the audience and provide insights leading to newer market opportunities.  Sales Force Automation Apps have long been revolutionizing the Retail and FMCG industry verticals. Distributor management systems have become an almost indispensable part of FMCG industries. But the applications of SFA in these five still almost unexplored industries can be endless and groundbreaking.  Do not ignore the call of innovation. Have you onboarded the SFA bandwagon yet?