• 5 Reasons Why You Need a Sales Force Automation Solution to Augment Your Sales in a Post-Pandemic World

5 Reasons Why You Need a Sales Force Automation Solution to Augment Your Sales in a Post-Pandemic World

Posted By Max Mobility
On 29-Jul-2021
  • Sales Force Automation

It wouldn’t be a stretch if we said that in a post-pandemic world, data and data alone drive sales! The global Sales Force Automation Software market is expected to grow at a rate of 8.3% (2020- 2027) from a whopping $7.29 billion in 2019 in this post-pandemic business scene. Piece the two together - and you have it! There is a lot more to Sales Force Automation Apps  than just streamlining your sales cycle. Immediacy, promptness, successful information dissemination - these are the three watchwords that build the foundation for a strong business in a world that is recovering from an apocalypse. Where does SFA feature in this? The answer will surprise you. From customer experience optimization to boosting revenue, the applications of Sales Force Automation Software  are countless and leave a mark on your entire business framework. Let’s delve right into the five prime benefits of an SFA solution that makes it a must-have in the post-pandemic business scenario:

    1. Faster & more effective information dissemination
  The new-age consumer is information-hungry. With Covid-19 onslaughts, it is needless to say that your consumers are leaning more towards being self-reliant than ever! How do you use that to your advantage? Self-reliance would definitely entail pre-purchase research. And where would they turn to for information? To you, of course ! Help your customers make well-informed decisions by equipping your salesforce with an always-updated information pool. That is where SFA can help you! A Sales Force Automation App worth its salt has a ready information base with perfect categorization that salespeople can refer to while solving customer queries. By providing them with information that matters you are not only building brand faith but nudging them forward on the road to conversion. The result? Greater rate of conversions & higher customer satisfaction, of course!
    1. A ready training module for fresh recruits
  Here’s another way SFA can come to your rescue in the coming years. With Covid-19 restructuring a greater part of businesses’ manual resource base, your fresh recruitment drive needs the most efficient training module it can possibly find! Your Sales Force Automation Software has a ready record, rather a compendium, of sales efforts and responses leading to a successful conversion. Turn your success stories into fodder for greater success by using your successful conversion roadmaps. This is clearly a sureshot way of ensuring that every member you recruit to your sales team has a thorough understanding of your target market and trained well enough to bring in conversions!
    1. You need accurate sales forecasts more than ever now!
  Sales Force Automation Apps in India have helped businesses plan, schedule, and have a keen foresight into their sales numbers as well as their salesforce productivity in the years ahead. How? Sales ramp-up time plays a key role here. Sales ramp-up time is the time needed by a fresh sales recruit to become fully productive after the training session. When you know the strength of your team, you can plan your ventures accurately. And if you thought a sales forecast is the only way a Sales Force Automation Solution can help you, you are mistaken. Which brings us to its next feature that is surely all set to be a hit with businesses in the post-pandemic scene.
    1. Calibrating Sales team productivity
  Did you know that over 78% of sales managers are not even aware that lukewarm sales efforts are bringing down their sales numbers! How do we arrive at this? Extensive studies have brought to light that sales executives often fail to follow up with a lead beyond first contact. But if conversion histories are to be believed, almost 80% conversions take place after at least 3 rungs of following-up! So, how do Sales managers determine that their sales numbers are not dwindling because of inadequate sales efforts? By putting your Sales Force Automation Software to play, of course. With a ready record of calls made per lead & per salesperson, you have the numbers right in your hands to consolidate sales efforts. Sales reps could also use this data to ensure that sales efforts are not duplicated and adopt the best strategy per lead to drive up conversions! So you see, data is not just driving up sales but also helping you strategize better.
    1. Efficient Distributor Management & 100% visibility into distributor operations
  They say customer feedback is the most efficient kind of advertising! So, to understand the role SFA plays in efficient distributor handling, you could see how GoSales has transformed distributor management for industry giants like Coca Cola, Keventers, Qualcomm, Coca Cola Fiji, etc. GoSales is a trailblazing Sales Force Automation App in India straight from MaxMobility labs that has been helping businesses streamline their sales operations globally. But when it comes to distributor management, GoSales has made a phenomenal difference for these industry stalwarts. Geo-tagging, resolving distributor claims on time, monitoring upselling tactics, and providing a transparent communication medium for follow-ups - to name just a few of the amazing benefits that SFA brings to the table when it comes to handling distributor relations. Coca Cola Amatil has reported an almost 60% reduction in their delivery cycle time thanks to GoSales! Coca Cola India has recorded a 35% increase in workforce productivity ever since GoSales was introduced. Because of its wide net of benefits to various business functions, businesses unanimously agree that SFA is their sure-fire shot to success. Take GoSales for example. 96% of businesses that have adopted our Sales Force Automation solution have recorded a marked increase in revenue. And that is just one easily quantifiable number. GoSales has also helped in streamlining and optimizing productivity & improving sales strategy for countless big names in the industry. SFA is a must-have for your post-pandemic business revamp. You could start by calling us at +91 33 2324 5925!