• 5 Ways in which Field Force Management App is Automating Your Business

5 Ways in which Field Force Management App is Automating Your Business

Posted By Max Mobility
On 16-Sep-2020
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The growth and augmentation for any business is basically decided by the potential of its interface-its sales and service team working on the field comprising the sales force or service executives. Thus, making such on-field assets to deliver more and perform best keeps your business ahead of the competition. Gone are the days of using manual and traditional procedures of sales and service management. Today, the Field Force Management App is indispensable as they can help manage, track, control, monitor and smoothen the workflow of your field force.

However, these field force management apps are also going through various changes to hold the most recent technologies. The on-going developments prospect more advantages in tracking and managing your field force. These future trends promise an even brighter and lucrative future for field force automation making it more streamlined for your business to manage your on-field executives and lift up the standards of their services. Let’s take a quick glance at those –

1. Advanced customer satisfaction

The key to excel for leading businesses lies in possessing a satisfied customer clientele. Customer satisfaction proves to be very important for not only retention, but also acts as an instrument for word of mouth promotion of your business. A recent study has shown that about 97% of customers consider customer service as a significant factor behind their loyalty towards any brand. Thus, preparing your field force with an effective field force management app adds clarity to your processes and offers higher visibility to customers in the sales processes. Now, businesses can notify customers about agent meets or support and service visits via phone calls, text messages or emails. This prior notification allows customers to reschedule the visits as per their expediency and availability. Moreover, the customer can also visit the location and monitor estimated arrival of executives on service day.

2. AI and IoT

The future of technology revolves around the concept of AI (Artificial Intelligence) and IoT (Internet of Things). Connected devices and artificial intelligence will make it streamlined for business in decision making and plan their strategies more accurately and efficiently. The technology will replace the old manual sales and service techniques that were time consuming, and will give way more advantageous results. Various studies elucidate that the upcoming scenario will witness almost 20 billion gadgets linked to this IoT and will give hassle-free and quick solutions. So, not just mobile phones but connected wearable devices can also be seen adopted in the near future, and contributing to make sales processes even better. Technological innovation like Augmented or Virtual Reality may become the smart pick for businesses for enhanced on-site service competence and make the training process easier. Such transformations will not only give businesses a smart choice, but also eases out the sales and service executives’ hectic jobs, thus promoting a happy and friendly environment within the organization.

3. Working with supreme data

The recent scenario has increased the demand for personalized brand experience and engagements. People every time compare the level of your sales and service with well-established and popular brands. The justification behind these large companies winning customers’ hearts lies in this ever widening and increasing reservoir of data. In today’s times, customer data can be monitored through multiple channels like social media, emails, and other online activities. Thus, companies can roll out targeted marketing plans taking customers’ interests, experience and buying strategies into consideration. Hence, the integration of your field service software with this online data can be a lucrative and result oriented future trend.

4. Eliminates paperwork

Monitoring performance on the paper or an excel sheet is unsustainable for any forward-thinking organization. The paper pile keeps growing with time. A field force management app will enable you to add new leads to the system automatically (from phone, chat, website, and third party websites). It eradicates typos and keeps the data safe and organized.

A field force automation app enables sales reps to add the notes real time instead of getting back to the home or office, visualizing the meeting and manually writing down the meeting records. They can easily click pictures of necessary documents and upload it there and then without wasting time. A sales manager (sitting at the office) can also review the notes quickly.

5. Assign leads automatically

When a lead is captured, the field force management app assigns that lead to a salesperson based on certain criteria such as zip code, product or proximity. This lessens response time significantly. The sales rep is notified on phone with all the lead data with just a tap.

The principle of any salesperson is to close the deal faster! GoSales App created by MaxMobility is a true example of a successful automated field sales app that creates a bridge between the field and the office. With appropriate efficacy and seamless integration between the web and mobile, it creates a unique ecosystem where information is shared, absorbed and acted upon.