• 7 Amazing Ways in Which Sales Force Automation Apps Strengthen Brand Loyalty

7 Amazing Ways in Which Sales Force Automation Apps Strengthen Brand Loyalty

Posted By Max Mobility
On 22-May-2021
  • Sales Force Automation

When it comes to increasing brand loyalty, you can leave no stone unturned. Literally!

Were you aware that repeat buyers are likely to spend 33% more on your business than the new ones you acquire?

Increasing brand loyalty is not just about revenue though. Sales Force Automation Apps are opening up new doors for you to understand, optimize, and consolidate your efforts in this arena!

Here’s what we recommend:

1. Automating initial contact

Immediacy is the touchstone for excellent service!

Your Sales Force Automation Solution can automate immediate responses, be it sms or email, that creates the image of a brand that is always alert and responsive.

60% of customers lose interest in a brand if they have to wait around for a response.

Your Sales Force Automation Solution could step in and save the day until your sales rep gets free to take up the lead at any point.

From ensuring that you do not lose out on potential leads to creating a first-class consumer experience - automation can get rid of all the glitches and delays in the process.

2. Consolidate your sales efforts

One of the biggest trump cards that Sales Force Automation solutions can play is the ready database of information you have at your disposal. This information regarding your prospective clients’ preferences, previously expressed interests, buying patterns is like your roadmap towards higher conversions!

Therefore, with SFA solutions, you have everything that you need to optimize your cold-calling efforts!

3. Ensure sales efforts are not duplicated

There's nothing more annoying than having to say no to something twice! And that’s exactly the emotion you do not want evoked in your customer. It can send a brand straight to the ‘ignored’ list without so much as a glance at what they have to offer!

But with the data Sales Force Automation Apps provide, you have a keen insight into your consumer’s preferences, previous interaction history, and interests which can be used to ease the road from call to conversion better and faster than ever!

At the end of the day, one successful conversion is a lot bigger than just a purchase! It is your first brick in the foundation of a successful customer-brand relationship!

4. Strengthening retailer/distributor - brand relationships

Come to think of it, customers and distributors are the two pillars that are holding up brand loyalty. The effective Distributor management system of your Sales Force Automation Apps helps manage distributor claims, demands, and fixes issues promptly. This increases dealer-distributor reliability and goes a long way in building brand trust.

5. Personalize their cold calling efforts

With insights into the preferences and interest history of customers, sales reps have a surefire way to entice them with offers they would surely be interested in.

For instance, if a consumer has previously expressed interest in a product, you could inform them regarding some new exciting offer in that domain.

Or, if your predecessor has already made some headway in enticing the customer regarding a certain product or service, you could build upon that foundation by taking that discussion further.

A personalized effort may not be a surefire path to conversion - but it is certainly a major headway in ensuring that you have your customer’s attention for good.

6. Retarget. Retarget. Retarget!

SFA data is your key to reel back on-the-fence buyers with an offer that they can not refuse!

Retargeting and remarketing are all based on personalizing suggestions that your consumers can not refuse!

With deep insight into consumer buying patterns and history, abandoned carts, and EMP tracking, you can track your consumers interests and use them to streamline your efforts!

7. Disseminating the right information - creating self-reliant customers!

The value of Sales Force Automation Apps do not just start and end with a conversion! They are also integral to creating a self-reliant customer.

The new-age consumer is information hungry, and with the right database at their disposal, customer-brand interactions provide more value.

SFA is a driving force behind the boom in customer data touch points where brands help customers in making informed decisions by providing them access to the right information.

Also, with the data from your Sales Force Automation Apps, you can up the creativity game anytime! With a keen insight into consumer interactions and preferences, you have the tools at your disposal to turn your customer service journey into a memorable one!

This goes a long way in building the image of a brand that cares - a failsafe way to build brand loyalty and keep them coming back for more.

From ensuring that you do not lose out on potential leads to creating a first-class consumer experience - automation can get rid of all the glitches and delays in the process.

Sales Force Automation Apps in India are instrumental in strengthening brand loyalty and troubleshooting customer experience!

In a business world whirling around immediacy and efficiency, automation is the only way to ensure that you are not falling behind in terms of customer satisfaction at any point!

So, have you chosen your SFA saviour yet?