• 7 Ways Automation can Make your Team More Efficient

7 Ways Automation can Make your Team More Efficient

Posted By Max Mobility
On 15-May-2019
  • Sales Force Automation

No matter what the size of your business, you definitely want to grow and become bigger than you are. It takes efficiency and productivity of another level to up the sales game in any organization.

A good sales team is self-driven, persuasive, effective, and efficient. All these qualities are critical to closing deals. But, it is also important to arm your sales force with the right tools and technologies so that they can perform better.

A sales force automation app can be your best bet at improving your sales team’s performance. Introduce automation into your sales process with a credible sales force automation app.

Software programs that automate monotonous processes seem tailor-made for sales teams. A majority of tasks in sales processes are repetitive, hard to track, and even more difficult to scale.

Here are a few wonders automation can do for your sales team.

Prioritize Hot Leads

When someone is ready to buy, your turnaround time becomes a critical factor to conversion. Therefore, you’ll want to follow up with them as soon as possible to avoid risking sales.

A sales force automation app can help you do that. For you to prioritize hot leads that are on the verge of taking action, your software can analyze leads and assign them a score. Businesses that follow up with their leads within an hour are seven times more likely to convert than businesses that get in touch after an hour, according to this report.

Prioritizing hot leads means closing the critical ones first.

Eliminate Data Entry

According to the National Association of Sales Professionals, data entry is their top time-killer. With automation, you can eliminate this massive roadblock to sales productivity. With a sales force automation app, you can update records in your database automatically as a prospect moves through the sales pipeline.

When a lost lead re-engages with your marketing material, an automated sales force solution will move it back to the open lead section. For example, a sales force automation app will be able to detect if a lead opened your email, engaged with your social media post, or visited your website.

This intelligence will give your sales team an edge over your competitors and also save their time updating contact records.

Improve Email Intelligence

With an automated sales force solution, emails can be personalized and triggered for prospects at specific points in the sales cycle. For instance, if a deal has not been finalized and is stalling in the ‘decision’ stage since 30 days, the sales force automation solution will send an email to the prospect asking them about their thoughts!

Email templates would also be easy to create as per each prospect’s pain points. With automation, emails can also be made to align with the content the prospect has already consumed.

Build an Actionable and Qualified Email List

It is the responsibility of your outbound sales development team to find leads a generate lists that can be used for follow-up later. Many sales force automation solutions can make it seamless for you to look for leads by company size, industry, and other factors that can help filter in potential leads.

Forget cold calling before you know the person at the end of the line wants what you are selling. Introduce efficiency in list building efforts.

Log Sales Calls for Future Reference

Logging calls is an important task for sales reps because their efficiency is often measured by the number of calls per day. With a sales force automation app, all inbound and outbound calls are automatically logged, so reps can worry more about their leads and less about recording their calls.

This data would also allow sales reps to hear their calls at a later point in time and see what the pain points of a particular lead were. Sales reps can also track how many times they have followed up with a client to eventually close the opportunity if no contact has been made in a long time.

Schedule Appointments

There are times when a sales call ended with a representative promising to follow up the next week, the next month, or after the new year. Often, sales reps forget to make a note and the lead is lost in its tracks.

A sales force automation app can help you automatically schedule appointments through a scheduling platform. Send emails, text reminders, and follow-up emails hassle-free.

Access Information Anywhere

A mobile-first sales force automation app can help you access the information of each potential lead anywhere and at any time. Keep track of the important information, pain points, cross-sell, and upsell opportunities, and so much more with an automated sales force solution.

Ensure no mistakes during a follow-up and make every call count as the information you need is right at your hands.

Automation saves time and money for businesses that want to make their sales teams more efficient. It reduces the number of manual tasks your sales reps have to handle and empowers them to focus on making more sales instead.

Get a mobile-first sales force automation solution such as GoSales that can help you win more customers.