• Complete guide to Sales Force Automation system | Maxmobility

Complete guide to Sales Force Automation system | Maxmobility

Posted By Max Mobility
On 23-Sep-2022
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Sales force automation defines the new age digital selling and managing multi-tier distributor network with on-the-go accuracy. For sales-focused sectors like FMCG and manufacturing, using SFA reaped revolutionary rewards in augmenting business potential and productivity during the pandemic, making it the new normal sales force management system.

How SFA can help transform your outdated sales management?

SFA (sales force automation) is an end-to-end sales and distribution management software, engineered to simplify every micro and major aspect of a sales cycle. In addition to the stress and inconvenience of manually managing a complex web of sales force, other challenges are
  • Unaccounted ambiguity and delay in the work process
  • Lack of real-time field force tracking and monitoring
  • Unavailability of instant and accurate updates of field reports
  • Untraceable secondary and tertiary sales
  • Increased errors and repetitive tasks
  • No clue about field force visits, target achieved, and payment status
  • Multi-level trade scheme and product pricing manipulation
  • No effective way to track and regulate distributors' network
  • Lack of effective tracking of suppliers, shippers, warehouses, and customer feedback
  • Lack of micro-level field monitoring
  • Lack of last mile visibility
  • Lagging productivity, delivery, and decision making
  • Broadening communication gap
These real challenges of a manually managed sales ecosystem have compelled visionary enterprises and sales leaders to adopt automation- transforming the future of sales. Companies incorporating SFA have experienced substantial progress in every aspect of the sales and distribution cycle, minimizing inaccuracy and risks.

Why SFA has become the need of the moment?

Companies manually managing field forces, retailers, and distributors experience huge ambiguities, errors, and repetitive tasks that delay the entire sales process, reporting, delivery, and decision-making. To combat these challenges smartly, visionary enterprises are arming up their sales ecosystem by integrating sales force automation to speed up the lagging process and utilize the wasted time in something productive. According to the latest Hubspot report “the global sales force automation market is expected to reach $7,773 million by 2023. Wondering which sales force automation software is best for your business? To virtually manage the vast complex supply chain of FMCG, you need a custom SFA-like GoSales app that not only simplifies your daily dealings but reduces the stress of detecting the missing links crucial for your business’s financial health.

Here are some compelling advantages of integrating GoSales with your sales ecosystem

  • Improved workforce productivity by greatly reducing unwanted engagements and focusing more on selling.
  • Enable you to real-time track and monitor your field force and their dealings.
  • Effective tracking of secondary and tertiary sales and multi-level distribution channels.
  • Multi-level report fetching and analysis.
  • Organized inventory management with live monitoring of shipment movement and stock status.
  • Lessen human errors and repetitive tasks
  • Helps in instant decision-making with accurate market forecasting
  • Fetches micro-level market report for each product and SKU
  • Seamless order management and payment collection
  • Notifying your sales team about important meetings and tasks as needed
Impressed already? It’s time to digitally revamp your sales ecosystem with GoSales, a cutting-edge SFA (sales force automation) app curated by MaxMobility. We are an award-winning team of experienced tech curators offering next-gen intelligent solutions to empower businesses with maximum mobility on the go.