• Digitization of Field Force Activities: Mobile Sales Force Automation Software

Digitization of Field Force Activities: Mobile Sales Force Automation Software

Posted By Max Mobility
On 23-Sep-2020
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“Global sales force automation software market was valued at $3,872 million in 2016 and is estimated to reach $7,773 million by 2023, growing at a CAGR of 10.6% from 2017 to 2023.”

Now, the field force automation solution is being proven as one of the essential factors of most industry segments such as retail and FMCG, healthcare, shipping and logistics, sales and distribution, finance, education, and more.

Let’s elucidate how digitization of field force activities and Mobile Sales Force Automation Software can help boost your entire business process.

1. Lead Management

A major activity in sales force operations is dealing and nurturing leads. That is where an ideal Sales Force Automation Software comes into the scene. It helps organizations understand what actions should be taken to acquire the best leads, what is the best way to optimize sales and coming up with an appropriate fit approach. It includes the whole process of lead generation starting from creating a lead till it gets converted into a customer. Any type of data, in any format, will be available for you through Mobile Sales Force Automation Software. This makes it simpler for the sales force and for the management to identify and improve leads all over the year.

Interestingly, managing the below tasks will be much easier for you after the implementation of an SFA solution.


Automatic tasks

Tracking the field force’s activities

Keeping track of various meetings




It also analyses the accurate volume of leads getting converted, such as conversion ratio from leads to exact sales and all important information, for further business development.

With the help of Sales Force Automation, you can keep an eye on your close competitors to strengthen your marketing strategies as and when required. The inbuilt IQ assists in measuring trends, going through insights, and gathering the necessary data – all together to boost the best of the business processes.

2. Insightful Dashboards and Reporting

What is of most significance in a field force functioning is availing data at the tip of the finger, for all your stakeholders involved. There are several real-time areas involved that require focus in the form of reports –

Sales forecasting

Performance of salespersons

Area wise sales

Marketing plans and forecasts

Client feedback

These dashboards and reports are considered to be an important input to business owners to manage and monitor risks, churn up mitigation plans, and control the weak zones, for improved business performance.

3. Managing and Scheduling Contacts

Maintaining and handling contacts are very important in all types of workflows such as orders, quotations, communications, and so on. A Mobile SFA helps a lot in handling below –

Appointment details

Meeting schedules

Automated emails



These important features in a field force software help in appointment handling, orders follow up, repeat business, details of leads/contacts/renewals and more.

4. Administering, Monitoring Field Force Activities

The sales force is the backbone of any company! Keeping them energetic, happy, productive, and competitive is the main pillar of the business. To do that, it is necessary to have all details and statistics about their requirements and performance. That is what an ideal Mobile Sales Force Automation Software does.

It provides detailed access to the task force’s sales results/leads through its large array of dashboards and reports. This streamlines the management’s planning effectively for sales territories, risk eradication, role management based on various needs, and planning routes in the best possible way.

An ideal Mobile Sales Force Automation Software in India is considered like a blessing in disguise for a large number of industries across India. Depending on the best practices of industry-based sales functionalities, it provides a full stack solution consisting of a mobile client, back office, and communications services. In a nutshell, Mobile sales force automation is a boon to the industry with a plethora of useful features.

For example, MaxMobility’s GoSales is a seamlessly integrated system which gives organizations a real-time 360 degree view of its sales operations. It is a productivity enhancement tool that brings about unparalleled sales force process effectiveness. Hence, you can try it out to increase your field sales performance.