Easily Gets Integrated with Your Custom ERP

    Posted By Max Mobility
    On 28-Jan-2016
    • Digital Transformation

    Management software often needs an integration with other enterprise software. For the reputable field sales organizations, they have their custom ERP software for processes integration and smooth sales operation. Most of the third party resource planning software include all valuable information for quick and flawless business operation. Keeping a close look at their needs, available infrastructure, and other operational systems, at MaxMobility- we have developed an advanced sales force automation app named GoSales. This cutting-edge app gets easily integrated with any third party ERP system. The compatibility of this app helps many organizations to save the cost of getting new technology, infrastructure or platform for running it on them. In the present API economy, the importance of field sales apps integration with ERP and CRM systems do not wait for an explanation.  GoSales meets these purposes exactly. It ensures seamless data sharing from an ERP system and comprehensive connectivity. Given below are the many benefits of using GoSales

    • Reduces sales operations cost
    • Enables business to optimize their sales operation process
    • Allows automation
    • Substitutes manual data entry and duplicate data inclusion.
    • Increases productivity, flexibility, mobility and adaptability
    • Leverages existing systems, investments, and resources
    • Facilitates real-time sales force tracking and performance management
    • Inculcates business profitability
    If you are dealing with field sales force, you can get this app and increase your business profitability significantly.  It is only a few click away from you. Just click the link given below: http://apps.gobizmo.in/gosales/getgosales/