• Enterprise Mobility – a new tool to Manage Business Process Efficiently | Maxmobility

Enterprise Mobility – a new tool to Manage Business Process Efficiently | Maxmobility

Posted By Max Mobility
On 25-Oct-2016
  • Business Mobile Apps

Managing business processes had always been a challenge. With the advent of mobile technologies, managers and all stakeholders could track work progress on the go. Mobility solutions and enterprise applications play a relevant and important role in BPM (Business Process Management). In this blog post, we are going to discuss how Enterprise mobility helps BPM by facilitating better workflow management, accurate updates on progress reports; adapts and alerts on delays or pre-defined changes. BPM works through certain steps. The process starts with Visualizing and followed by ‘measuring’, ‘analyzing’, ‘improving’, ‘controlling’ and finally ends up with re-engineering. Please note, it is easier said than done. It generates reports and keeps the entire team on a single page, thus making the communication channels very efficient. An increased efficiency helps accomplish organizational goals better. Why ‘Mobile’? The main advantages of mobility solutions are hidden under the feature ‘tracking’. Yes! With the help of modern mobility solutions, you will be able to track human as well as movable assets through GPS. Let us give you an example; suppose you deal with vacuum cleaners and like any other entrepreneur you would like to expand your business to the next level. Your sales executives are now out for a door-to-door demo. However, at the end of the day, the sales figure is NIL. Now with the help of an enterprise mobility application, you can literally track each sales executives of your team. Whether they are really visiting or not, how much time they are spending and so on. Tracking your resources effectively could generate a sale on a long-term basis. Moreover, enterprise apps have the capability to do a lot more –

  • Mobile Sales Force Automation: Availing mobility solutions is a giant leap for business because not only it can help you manage the whole thing effectively but also it is a direct solution for your mobile sales. With the help of these applications, you can address mobile merchandising, B2B e-Commerce, m-Catalog, stock audits, PIP management, Geocoding to mention a few.
  • Mobile Field Service Automation: When you are dealing with field services, mobility solutions are there to help you out with Service Request Ticket Management, Customer Digital Signature and so on.
  • Mobile Surveys: Enterprise Mobile Applications are also an answer to those questions; you would like to know from your customers. With the help of Dynamic Survey Forms, you can conduct surveys on the field anytime, anywhere.
  • M-Commerce Solutions: Enterprise Mobility Solution also empowers you with m-Catalogue and m-Commerce applications, equipped with instant mapping. With the help of these features, you can instantly streamline your deliveries.
  • Employee Safety Solutions: As an employer, it is your responsibility to look after the security and safety of your employees. In a single app, with a tap of your finger, you can manage employee pick-up and drops. Moreover, enterprise mobility solutions can provide you with facilities like tracking drivers and vehicles with SoS alerts.
In accordance with the above discussions, it can definitely be said that enterprise mobility solution is not only getting significant relevance in today’s World but also it is becoming one of the smartest ways to enhance one’s business in the shortest possible time. In association with a professional enterprise solution provider, you can overcome the challenges and take advantage of the ideal opportunity to excel further.