• FMCG amid Covid-19: Sales Force Automation is the way to beef up the ROI

FMCG amid Covid-19: Sales Force Automation is the way to beef up the ROI

Posted By Max Mobility
On 15-May-2020
  • Sales Force Automation

The struggle of FMCG companies to meet consumer demand during the lockdown is challenging undoubtedly. But now, they are confronted by another challenge -- the shortage of migrant labourers. A large number of labours, who works in factories and engaged in loading and unloading stock from warehouses, are migrant labourers. With a huge number of migrant labourers returning back to their home towns following the relaxation of lockdown in many areas, FMCG companies are facing issues regarding lack of man power to manage the supply chain. Below are the challenges FMCG Brands are facing due to lockdown:

    • Zero engagement with outlets
    • No visibility of ground situations
    • Hurdles in booking orders
    • Difficulties in managing sales force
    • Problems in manual asset tracking
    • Order and delivery management issues
    • Difficulties in managing and tracking ready stock sales
    • Hurdles in real-time data tracking
  Ideally, the requirement is not only of managing the sales force and meet the target but also helping them be more productive, offering them an easy way to do their jobs and increase sales with profitability (ROI). This cannot be a manual process! A strategic sales force automation solution not only helps track critical information at a granular level but also efficiently provides the right data and recommendations to help the field force perform better. To maximize the advantages of automation, an end to end effective solution across various responsibilities and processes need to be implemented. If we again look into the reality, COVID-19 has impacted industries, businesses and people to an extent even we couldn't imagine.
  • Utilising data: Data should lead businesses and especially in FMCG sector. Now, more than ever, any data that can be scoured and used – should get the priority. Data will help make better and proper decisions and enable an organization to contribute more in the current situation.
  • Convert physical meetings to virtual ones: Although this method has been forced due to COVID-19, it's something which is indispensable anyway. Virtual meetings are not just convenient at this point of time; digitization makes it quicker and saves on commuting time.
  • Utilize technology to track the pulse of the market: An organization needs to take charge of its sales/inventory and see which products are in more demand.
  • Last but not the least, all the employees in the organization need to keep washing their hands, wear masks when coming into contact with people and keep updated with the news! A proper tracking is also mandatory for the same.
Let’s discuss with a couple of things that emerging FMCG brands can do to stay strong during this time.   Companies now realize that automation does not just mean digitization. An ideal digital solution needs to help companies drive performance and increase profitability. Additionally, that should have the ability to define KPI improvements and monitor it via the tool. Well, effective sales force automation tool can be a game changer for companies looking for seamless management of sales force and ROI and which compete in hyper competitive markets even in the unprecedented situations. It is expected that the software would provide metrics such as sales man productivity, category management of brands, credit management, out of stock product tracking, share of shelf, returns from the market and more which are some of the key drivers for distribution businesses and being able to track them in real time, steer them in right directions that lead to sales and distribution excellence. In a nutshell, a one stop solution for all these requirements is the need of hour. MaxMobility, an innovative digital transformation company that help organizations ride the digital wave with enterprise mobility, cloud & web apps offers a complete sales and delivery service automation solution called GoSales to solve FMCG’s biggest pain points to manage the sales and distribution operations. Know more: https://gosales.app/