• Give your business a boost by using an ecommerce platform with rapid deployment and cost-effective features

Give your business a boost by using an ecommerce platform with rapid deployment and cost-effective features

Posted By Max Mobility
On 03-Jul-2020
  • Digital Transformation

"The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new.” - Socrates Well, we have been observing a plethora of newness for the last few months! One thing that is certain, we know that adjusting to change can be challenging. Be it planned or unplanned, gradual or sudden, change is inevitable and very much part of being human. In today’s unprecedented times, ‘social distancing’ and ‘quarantine’ are the New Normals! If we see from a business perspective, it’s becoming difficult to market and sell products/services like earlier. As the new normal is making us more inclined towards ‘going digital’, having an e-commerce platform for your business is one of the fastest and the most expedient ways to build a consumer base. An ecommerce website is a rather cost-effective way to have exponential growth of your venture. A virtual store is not only easy for the consumers to use, it also provides simple to understand statistical information of your sales. Nowadays a major chunk of business is done through ecommerce! The need for an ecommerce platform is rising across the globe especially for start-up businesses. There are millions of consumers creating and reinforcing new online buying behaviors and habits. In many families, online grocery, apparel, and entertainment shopping have replaced store and mall visits permanently. Paradoxically, quarantines have helped alleviate the severe time shortages, so many families and friends have had in their lives. Many are reluctant to go back to old shopping habits for fear of getting sick. A recent study found that 84% of consumers said they wouldn't feel comfortable shopping in a mall for more than six months, 16% said they would feel comfortable in the next three months. Consumers are more motivated than ever to stay home and shop online, creating the ideal market conditions to fast-track, test, and launch new experience-driven mobile apps, sites, and touchpoints across their platform. Hence, safety and security is the single most important thing for each and every consumer. From online purchase to touchless payments - all are becoming the new norm! With every passing day, new technologies are emerging and offering a plethora of options in front of us. So, online marketing has become an indispensable way to grow any business. Ideally, this is the time when as a business owner, you need to define digital touchpoints for your end consumers. How? MaxMobility Digital Commerce Platform is providing a cost-effective way to sell your products online and meet your business needs within a short span of time. We set up your online storefront quickly with -

  • Rapid deployment
  • Quick turnaround time
  • Complete managed services (Technology & Operations)
  • On-demand marketing services
  • Cost-effectiveness
  Benefits of choosing us as your ecommerce partner MaxMobility Digital Commerce Platform is a cost-effective one stop solution that provides you not only a fully managed ecommerce platform but also a lucrative option for your business to sell your products online and achieve growth. From forming a shopping cart to integrated merchandising, get your business reach the heights with multiple payment options, promotions, responsive designs and many more lucrative features. Let us explain why you should choose us as your ecommerce partner.
  • 24x7 service and support facility
We offer you 24×7 help and support facility via email, telephone and live chats so that all your ambiguities are solved and you are left with no issues.
  • Ecommerce knowledge
Our experienced team, robust technical base, coupled with our matchless services, contribute to making our solutions simple, powerful, and cost-effective.
  • 360 degree service
We provide all required services related to online channels such as warehousing, listing of products, order processing, payment reconciliation and customer support.
  • Fully managed services
We offer complete managed services (Technology & Operations) for our customers with superior hosting solutions.
  • Technological expertise
Our in-house management system provides flawless integration with your own systems. Our technology-driven platform provides business intelligence to deliver analytics that provide actionable recommendations.
  • Experienced team
We have a well-trained team that has hands-on experience in the field of online sales and retail.
  • Research & analytics
Our strategic research reports and in-depth analytics help you grow and sell smart!
  • Cost-effectiveness
Managing online sales requires investment in resources like committed employees, online promotions, and IT and physical infrastructure. Our services help you save on these costs, while letting you cherish an integrated online presence.   What standard features we provide you?
  • Complex product hierarchy capabilities
  • Content management capabilities
  • Promotion and discount code tools
  • User friendly navigation
  • Gallery
  • Product filtering and sorting
  • Wishlist
  • Shopping cart
  • Integrated blog section
  • Multiple payment options
  • Responsive design
  • Easy-to-use check out
  • Mobile App
However, now it is all about digital transformation and the entire marketing industry has come across with new business trends and digital strategies. Recent reports show that Ecommerce platforms in India are beefing up with a rapid speed for last few years. With new technologies rising up every day, online marketing or virtual stores have become the indispensable way to expand any business. With MaxMobility Digital Commerce Platform, you no more have to worry about your online business. Let us manage your virtual store with a team of experienced professionals. Now, you can easily get an effective online business solution at a competitive price. Get your ecommerce site ready within 15 days. Don’t miss it! Grow Your Business, Online with MaxMobility Digital Commerce Platform!