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How To Choose The Best Distributor Management System In 2023? | MaxMobility

Posted By Max Mobility
On 02-Feb-2023
  • Distributor Management System

The success of every small and big FMCG and retail business relies completely on an efficient distributor management system (DMS). The wider and complex spectrum of the sales ecosystem has layers of retailers and distributors and other 3rd party involvements across vast geographical areas. Such a complex distribution and the dynamic advances in the supply chain system have compelled industry leaders and executives of switching to smarter digital solutions to automate the entire multi-channel distribution ecosystem.

A supply chain distribution system generally circles around the release of the products from the warehouse through the complex retailers and distributor network till reaching the end consumers. While some FMCGs are reluctant to leave aside the conventional tally and excel to manage core distribution functionaries, it has its downside as well.

Multi-brand distributors: Generally, a distributor deals with multiple brands and prefers maintaining the accounts and advances in excel. Incorporating separate DMS for each brand is resource-draining in terms of finance and manpower.

Lack of technical know-how: The idea of automating sales and distribution channels is still alien to many companies since they are unaware of the technical advances and assume them to be expensive. Moreover, investing time in learning new technical skills is perceived as a waste of time and lagging efficiency.

Lack of skilled resources: Though big-scale distributors might invest in upgrading their workstations, it is the small distributors who lack resources and fear missing deals to the sharks. This is why most distributors are yet not very much ready to migrate to automation.

Malpractices and manipulations: The worst part of a manual distribution system is the lack of secondary and tertiary sales visibility where product prices are manipulated by unethical distributors till it reaches the retail shelf. This is one of the major constraints for FMCG companies in assessing the accurate financial revenue at the year's end.

Key benefits of automating supply chain at a glance:

If you have an ever-expanding supply chain business to manage, then automate the process with GoSales, a 360-degree mobile-first sales force automation software designed by MaxMobility. By integrating this SaaS-based field force automation software in any device, you enable 100% error-free and accurate distribution management from anywhere. Choose GoSales convenience now to enjoy the following advantages:

Secondary sales visibility: GoSales is one of a kind sales force automation app that enables the sales manager on the desk to have a transparent monitoring of the product’s journey through each layer of the distribution channel, especially the secondary and tertiary sales. The use of GoSales has been instrumental for some leading FMCG brands like ITC and Keventers to restrict price manipulation at the secondary sales level and promote fair trade practices. In fact, due to enhanced last-mile visibility, the sales managers get instant updates if the company schemes and offers are not applied at the distributor level and take required actions through smart decision-making.

Enhances distributor experience: With GoSales from your phone or laptop, you can ease your daily job with organized monitoring. GoSales enables you to categorize distributors for each SKU and product all through a single app. From order management, and stock management to reward management, you enable an accurate and stress-free distribution experience and a long-term bond with the distributors.

Seamless inventory management: Stock management is a crucial aspect of supply chain businesses to retain their brand value. And GoSales is your 360-degree solution to manage daily inventory with ease so your product never goes out of stock from the retail shelves. With GoSales from any device, you can accurately monitor stock movement from the distributor to the retailer and the current stock status. You also get an instant update on stock status with the GoSales notification bar on your phone and desktop.

Accurate field force management: Integrating GoSales eases your on-field sales monitoring and reporting. Advanced GoSales features enable you to assign the pre-journey plan (PJP) to each sales executive on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. You can track each on-field sales agent through geo-fenced location tracking and get personalized sales reports as needed. The GoSales USP that makes it the most reliable digital solution for businesses is its uninterrupted capacity of sharing data and images even in a 2G network.

Quick tips to choose the best distribution management system:

Get your needs right: Before searching for the best from the lot, understand your business need first and the current problems you are facing. Also, you need to understand if your retail business needs cloud integration support to choose the best for your business.

Easy to use and integrate: Make sure the software you are eyeing has user-friendly features to enable your sales team to get quickly accustomed to it and is easier to integrate without any eye-rolling additional installation and service charges.

Get free demos: Some popular and feature-rich apps like GoSales offer free demos to allow you to get first-hand knowledge about the app, its usability, and whether it perfectly meets your business needs. Request a free demo now.

Costs: Learn accurate details of the payment plan including buying cost, integration charge, post-integration charge, and other value-added services applicable to the app.

Final thoughts: Now that you know the silver bullet tips to choose the best distribution management system, it’s time to arm up your supply chain with GoSales, a cutting-edge sales force automation software for your business. Enterprises looking for a Sales Force Automation Solution to streamline their field force management can rely on MaxMobility, a pioneering web-based solution provider in Kolkata.

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