• How To Pick The Right Mobile Sales Force Automation App? Maxmobility

How To Pick The Right Mobile Sales Force Automation App? Maxmobility

Posted By Max Mobility
On 13-Oct-2022
  • Sales Force Automation

As advanced enterprises are rapidly adapting to the dynamic technological evolution to keep up with the volatile market trends, the demand for custom sales force automation (SFA) is also on the rise. For every sales-focused business, the advent of SFA has been the biggest innovation boon of the millennium to significantly transform the entire gamut of the sales and distribution ecosystem in just a snap. However, this rocketing demand for sales force automation has led to the mushrooming launch of many seemingly impressive SFA solutions in the market that are enough to confuse your selection and trigger incoming problems including tactically mentioned mounting maintenance costs.


Remember, not every SFA software is the key to automating your sales management. Each one is different in terms of software implementations, features, integration, device compatibility and not to mention mobility or flexibility. In Layman’s terms, while looking for SFA even by a pioneering brand don’t fall for those impressive gimmicks and take the charge to choose what’s best for your business. To help you pick the right mobile sales force automation app, we are sharing some simple and effective hacks below.


Hone your software knowledge

While the purpose is the same to streamline the sales and distribution ecosystem, SFA is primarily categorized into two types based on its installation.


The first type is Software-as-a-service (SaaS) SFA solution which is hosted on the vendor server on a monthly payment plan. Most businesses deploy this cost-effective smart solution to manage their sales without worrying about installing, updating, and maintaining the software.

The second one is the On-premise SFA solution which is hosted on the client’s local server and is the most expensive one to maintain with a complex setup and regular checking.


Device compatibility

To manage the complex web of sales cycle backed by real-time reports, you need a mobile-first sales force automation solution that is compatible with multiple devices like laptops, mobiles, and tablets so you can monitor your field force and access real-time updates from the desk while the mobile salesforce can upload or share instant report and required images from anywhere. The best part about using a locally running native mobile app is you can enjoy uninterrupted operational flexibility even in a poor network.


OS flexibility

While churning out the list of the best SFA solution for your business, check the OS compatibility of the app to ensure unmatched sales management from both Android and iOS-integrated devices. Offering the on-field sales team with such flexibility is sure to double your monthly profit margin.


Go for native apps

Native sales force automation apps are always preferred over non-native apps which are more complex to integrate with the server. Whereas, integrating a native SFA solution is easier that automatically adjusts to the user’s device to enable a superior user experience.


Don’t rush to purchasing

If you discover such an app that rightly fits your business needs, the first thing to do is to ask for a free trial or demo from the provider. By doing this you can analyze and compare the features before buying.



Choosing a custom mobile sales force automation app is always the best bet to update with time and upgrade more features to enable maximum mobility into your sales ecosystem. This must be a priority feature to look out for to power up your sales team with an eveready solution. 


Check the reviews and ratings

While online reviews are not always the reliable bait to finalize your purchasing decision, the SFA app with impressive ratings and positive technical feedback must be on your checklist. So always make sure to consider a reputed and integrated solution provider in the business like MaxMobility that deliver innovation excellence trusted by the industry leaders.