How to restrain the reckless School Bus driver

    Posted By Max Mobility
    On 13-Jan-2016
    • Business Mobile Apps

    Gone are those days, when parents used to wait for their dearest children with their beating hearts.  They would stand still, staring at their wrist watches- until their children would come back from schools.  All these are now a history. By the grace of MaxTrack app, parents can receive real-time information about their children every time.Using this app, they can get information on the current speed, distance traveled in a the day, number/duration/location of stoppages en-route and more interestingly students’ entry and exit locations/ time. At their fingertips, parents can get adequate information on estimated time of the arrival and departure of buses at designated stops/school. They can have a look at the attendance records of their children.

    As they can track the current speed and whereabouts of the school buses, they can feel easy and satisfied. This app has made them very happy, making life easier for them. Now they can prepare themselves to bring their children at home from the dropping point and take necessary action against reckless driving.This location-based solution app has created a revolution by ensuring safety and security of the students on school buses. Now parents can breathe a deep sigh of relief, knowing their children are safe.