• Improving your competitive playbook leveraging a smart Sales Force Automation app

Improving your competitive playbook leveraging a smart Sales Force Automation app

Posted By Max Mobility
On 16-Jul-2019
  • Sales Force Automation

Organizations today deal with increasing competition, fragmented leads data, expanding sales force, and longer sales cycles. Valued at $3,872 Mn in the year 2016, the market is estimated to reach $7,773 Mn by the year 2023. The more effort you put through in this struggle, the more you feel less productive. Sooner, you might realize that clocking in more hours is not the ideal way to get more sales.

Instead, aiming to use technical assistance is the key. Take steps to work smarter and help your organization leverage technology. For sales teams to achieve maximum productivity, there is no better way than to implement a sales force automation app.

As a sales force automation solution eliminates tedious tasks and automates repetitive stuff, salespeople get down to the business of selling. Over 74% salespersons and 54% of marketers swear by SFA to generate leads, close deals and boost sales.

Unlike other enterprise applications that are tailored differently for companies of various shapes and sizes, an SFA solution makes sense for all kinds of businesses.

The Opportunity for Businesses with SFA tools

With advances in Business Intelligence, the data stored in Customer Relationship Management and Sales Force Automation tools can be analyzed and harnessed in a variety of ways. By implementing an SFA solution that addresses core sales challenges, companies can realize ROI faster and better.

Here are a few opportunities organizations can benefit from sales force automation tools:

  • Build an efficient sales process - A sales force automation solution can help companies run faster and deeper sales campaigns in their target market. Sales automation accelerates sales processes and enhances the overall efficiency. Unlike traditional times, salespersons can now make more visits on the field in a day with effectively planned trips with SFA solutions. Automation takes away time-consuming, exhausting jobs such as writing reports, filling formats, and booking orders, and processing invoices, allowing employees to focus on high-value jobs that yield results.
  • Increase employee productivity - If you have a growing on-field sales force, you can enhance their productivity by making data and applications accessible to them at the right time, in the correct, consumable format. A mobile-first sales force automation solution can be your step toward increasing employee productivity and reducing time to conversion.
  • Design personalized sales strategies - A sales force automation solution can capture customer data and surface patterns such as customer feedback, buying habits, and sentiment. Using this data, companies can run personalized sales campaigns to increase conversion rates. Personalized outreach increases customer loyalty and increases their trust in the brand, thereby leading to long-term revenue generation from the same customer.
  • Strategize training and assessments - A sales force automation solution can also track on-field sales force performance and identify areas of improvement. If the sales fleet faces a common issue, you can devise a strategy for training and eliminate any gaps in skills. Doing so maximizes the effectiveness of your human resources and allows employees to work at their best potential.
  • Enable real-time access to information - Empower your on-field sales teams to leverage the power of data. With real-time data streaming and analytical capabilities built into your SFA tool, you can allow employees to make better decisions when they are approaching customer on the field.
  • Respond to customer grievances - Address customer concerns faster and more effectively by utilizing channels of direct communication. Leverage customer data to foresee any issues the customer might face and reach out to you. Being ready to address problems can be your differentiator from others in your market.
  • Eliminate paperwork - No more hassles of maintaining sheets, bills, and invoices. Transform and shift to digital operations to kick-in productivity and efficiency in operations. Automation in sales can be a game-changing step for businesses struggling to keep up the pace with the changing scenario that is getting faster.
  • Set budgets and forecast demand - Assess whether or not your current sales strategy is driving results. A sales force automation app can be your window into the results your strategies can drive, allowing you to course-correct as you go. An AI and ML-enabled sales force automation app can also forecast ebbs and flows in demand and will enable you to set a reasonable budget for a specific period.
  • Reduce errors and inefficiencies - No more missed opportunities or underutilized resources. Optimize both with an SFA solution that places the right employee with the right customer and enhances the chances of conversion. Utilize all available talent with intelligence.
  • Make data-driven decisions - Still relying on your gut instinct or guesswork? An SFA solution can help you make data-driven decisions. Harness the power of data and analytics to drive strategies that meet goals, allow you to foresee results, and course-correct when and where necessary. Using real-time analytics and reporting capabilities, you can focus on improving sales and filling where gaps exist.
  • Fulfill customer expectations - You are not up against your competitors. In this digitally driven world, you are up against the best customer experience your buyers have had. This could be from Apple, Amazon, or their nearest retail store. To match their expectations, you need a solution that helps you delve deeper into their interests and tap on reliable customer data.
  • Gain more visibility - Are you aware of how your secondary sales are doing? If not, a sales force automation tool can help you gain awareness so that you can not only improve your primary sales but also positively impact secondary sales. Increased visibility into your sales can be your chance of leveraging the data to create a better ecosystem that delivers to customer expectations.
  • Anticipate demand, predict stockouts, manage inventory, and make the overall sales process seamless with a sales force automation solution.