Know How to Increase Your Retail Sales through GoSales Automation Application

    Posted By Max Mobility
    On 16-Apr-2016
    • Sales Force Automation

    The recent Yes Bank survey has revealed that the retail sector in India is growing at the rate of 15% annually and will reach to 7000 million US$ at the end of 2016.

    Apparently both increased purchasing power of the consumers and numbers of retailers competing for market dominance are fueling this growth rate. Both big enterprises and newer competitors are joining and stepping up their marketing game to get their piece of the pie.

    However, various cultural and dynamic economic factors can handicap the customer penetration strategies of retail brands in Indian business scenario. One way to minimize the effect of such factors is optimization and/or renovation of your sales force management.

    Mobile platform based sales force management systems can serve the purpose of simplification of the sales force management system.

    Mobility sales force management applications: Old problems, new solutions

    Traditional ways of product management, sales force management, and inter-hierarchy communication are getting obsolete due to radical shifts in customers buying power and taste. This is probably the root cause of all challenges which Indian retail businesses are facing. But new mobile platform based sales force management systems like Go Sales can fill this gap by offering an in-depth view of the sales force team and customer expectation. With these applications your sales executives can upload the details of payment/order received, outlet creation report, customer preferences etc. and helping you to strategically optimize the sales force.

    Here is the brief list on how sale force management solutions can help you to overcome the challenges and give you a competitive edge.

    Complete view of sales process:-

    Applications like Go sales present a complete overview of field force activities, details of product and item management, payment details and outlet distribution before the sales management admin through user-friendly interfaces. Admin can keep track of older records even by just making small changes to the filters. Go sales specifically, even offers the details of the on-field employee activities on a real time basis.

    With such crystal clear overview of the entire process, management can easily assess the strength and weakness of the sales process and take an initiative to work on those.

    Here is the screenshot of Go sales; a mobile platform based sales force management solutions, for your better understanding.

    Improved communication and feedback:

    With Mobility sales force management solutions, you can collect the reports of orders, inventories and payment details from your sales team from directly from the field. You can store that valuable information in an organized manner and observe the effectiveness of the team. You can give feedback on the basis of performance report to motivate your sales executives to become more active, resulting increased revenue.

    For your clear understanding, here is a screenshot of Go sales admin dashboard.

    Ideas for new product development:

    Mobile sales force management solutions like Go sales indirectly helps you during market research and product development also. Such applications have built-in databases to store the order and sales statistics of specific regions. You can use such stats to figure out preferences of target customer demographics and develop products or make changes to sales process for improved local performances.

    Better market penetration and market stretching:

    Mobility solutions for sale optimizations may offer functions like outlet management and Geo coding of the outlets. As an administrator, you can view the details of the outlets and their location on the console to get updated information about customer demographics and sales team performances.

    Easy to install and cost-effective:

    Mobile platform based solutions are very cost effective and require no hardware installation. Just install the app on your employees’ Smartphone and you are ready to receive the updates. For any software related failure, you can seek help from the apps dealer. Most of them provide quality post-purchase services and you will get your app fixed very soon.

    Why choose Gosales?:

    While development of Go sales, a mobility sales force management solution by Max mobility, the unique needs of Indian customers are taken account of.

    Internet connectivity is a problem in remote parts of India. With Go sales, field executives can create a beat route, update operation time & transfer data offline. So, even if your executives are in remote location, you can send them proper instruction and improve their efficiency.

    You can manually create journey plans for your sales executives and built-in notification option sends that information along with details of discounts, stocks, and unavailable products through instant notification to your sales personnel.

    Retail businesses of India use various third party ERP systems and some mobility sales management systems are not compatible with such systems. But Go sales is flexible enough and be integrated with any third party ERP systems. You will need no extra solutions to build bridges between ERP and mobile sales force management app if you choose Go sales.

    Your employees can easily tag location and Geocode the outlets with Go sales. You just need to authorize those Geocoding from your console for future reference.

    Mobile sale force management systems, simply put can lighten your burden by representing a complete 360-degree view of your sales process, changing demands before you and helps you to utilize your resources for maximum benefits.