• 7 Reasons Why You Need a Distributor Management System Software for Your FMCG Brand

7 Reasons Why You Need a Distributor Management System Software for Your FMCG Brand

Posted By Max Mobility
On 24-Aug-2020
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Every product goes through various stages and follows a certain process from manufacturing to the final destination in order to get into the market. When the entire process is complete, the product is delivered to the consumer through a wholesaler and retailer chain.

Advanced Distributor Management System Software (DMSS) deals with the corresponding steps in the supply chain connected to the distribution of finished products. The steps include manufacturing, packaging, inventory, warehousing, and transportation facilities.

Nowadays, distributor management system software in India is indispensable to manage the entire supply chain and fulfil the demand of the consumers. It helps in tracking secondary sales, up-to end level, helping organizations streamline key factors of their channel sales from faster stock replenishment, reduction in inventory carrying costs to better production planning.

Let’s focus on the utility of a Distributor Management System Software. While the reasons and advantages are probably endless, we have listed down seven major ones:

1. Real-time visibility

As an FMCG company, it is necessary for you to get clarity on real-time visibility of all business data from your distribution channels. If you are not using a DMSS, you will have to depend on the offline data provided by your distributors on a certain frequency, which is neither real-time nor authentic. But actually, you should not compromise on some of the key information like current stock available with distributors, orders pending for fulfilment, order being returned by the retailers and many more. Hence, to handle your distributors smartly,distributor management system software is the need of the hour.

2. Monitoring the remote place scenario

With the rapidly increasing revenue growth in India, FMCG companies are weaving their distribution networks almost in all the districts of the country to initiate faster product channelization from manufacturing plant to retailer. With the challenges like large volume, time management and remote geographical location of the distributor, sometimes it becomes difficult to get clarity on your product movement from all your distributors. With distributor management system software in place, you can get all the data on your fingertips even if a distributor operates from North-east or semi-rural part of West Bengal or South India.

3. A big boon for your distributors

The idea of implementing DMSS is indeed a solution which is absolutely helpful in terms of streamlining and automating a lot of their daily processes. Automation of all kinds of goods movement, system generated invoicing, details of outstanding payments, intelligent alerts are a few examples how a distributor’s work is going to be easier with the software.

4. Quicker claim settlement

Another great benefit that your distributors will get with DMSS is better turnaround time for claim settlement. With return schemes, damaged receipts, everything automated through DMSS, there will always be clarity to distributors and the company on the deliverables and payables. Further, with online claim submission through DMSS, all the claims will be finalized much quicker than a manual system which usually consists of multiple rounds of modifications between both the parties.

5. Improved management of promotion and schemes

Promotion and schemes are two of the biggest pillars of any business. Companies usually spend a huge amount of money on these activities. Distributor management system software ensures all mandatory checks and balances at the time of invoicing and provides you a clear analysis of performance of each and every scheme.

6. Quicker stock replenishment

No need to say that it is very important for FMCG companies to maintain optimum stock levels at different touch-points such as stockist, distributor retailer etc. Well, DMSS gives you a proper visibility on stock, expiry date, batch number, return and more. At distributor points, you can get significant alters well in advance and furnish replenishment much earlier than previous.

7. Effective production planning

Ideally your distributor management system software should be integrated with the demand planning module of your ERP. After that the production planning engine of your ERP will have clear information on the real-time stock level, pending orders for fulfilment at your distributor points. That perfectly ensures better production planning resulting in reduced or zero wastage of your production resources.

Last but not the least; MaxMobility is one of the best providers of advanced distributor management system software in India. The implementation of the software allows your company to save a lot of time and money, which will boost your organization’s success and development. Even small scale organizations need to invest in such system software to operate their business seamlessly and get huge benefits.