Rural India is a tap away from mobile-based diagnostics

    Posted By Max Mobility
    On 13-Jan-2016
    • Digital Transformation

    Smartphones have taken India by a storm.

    We larger areas and boost workforce productivity. However, for us, the true value of this palm-sized powerful tool lies beyond increasing turnovers. It is when we use these tools to impact the way we live, that this tool truly becomes an innovation.

    And a revolutionary innovation is waiting to happen beyond the gates of urban India. Healthcare in rural India is a victim of poor quality, remote access and lack of availability. While diagnostic centers are mushrooming in Indian cities, the dusty villages lack even the most basic infrastructure.

    This is where mobile technology can create a huge difference. We came across a deeply engaging article that appeared in French newspaper, Le Monde that mentions some great ways mobile tech is creating a stir in healthcare by using wireless networks, internet and applications to generate viable diagnostic facilities.

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