• Sales Force Automation App: The Key to Boost Pharma Industry during Covid-19

Sales Force Automation App: The Key to Boost Pharma Industry during Covid-19

Posted By Max Mobility
On 14-Aug-2020
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The most difficult challenge for our society is the impact of COVID-19 pandemic on the global population and economy. Protecting the health of the population is the chief priority, and then stabilizing the economy is the next most vital concern. As pharmaceutical companies navigate this challenging landscape, we have found that the Sales Force Automation App is an essential tool.

Nowadays, various small, mid-sized and large pharma organizations are adding sales force automation tools to their business. Why? It not only manages the customer’s data but also improves the sales operations.

Well, we all know what’s happening across the globe! The quick onset of the COVID-19 has brought unforeseen changes everywhere and forced the organizations to revamp the processes and operations to stay in the market. The pharma and life science companies are no exception. They have witnessed radical changes in the last few months due to the cancelled visits of reps to the clinics, advanced digital engagement, and improved e-detailing needs.

As Winston Churchill said, “A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity, and an optimist sees opportunity in every difficulty. There is always something valuable that can be derived out of difficulty, adversity, or change.”

So is the case with Covid-19. There exist countless opportunities in terms of digital transformation and technology enablement if pharma and life science companies respond to the challenges optimistically. Especially, the pharma marketing segment can make the most out of the Covid pandemic.

Yes, Sales Force Automation App and tools are the biggest boon!

Interested to know how Sales Force Automation is boosting pharma marketing during Covid-19? Take a sneak peek!

Here are the 5 major benefits offered by pharma sales force automation tools and applications:

1. Everyday task automation:

SFA automates all the sales activities and other small operations so that the sales reps will be able to focus on their main work i.e sales.

2. Better efficacy:

Pharma sales force automation tools have an ability to handle all the work through a single software. Subsequently, these tools and apps enhance the efficiency of the sales reps.

3. Orders Management:

Supervision of orders with the assistance of a sales force automation app can help in streamlining the whole request satisfaction method and even cut down pointless paperwork thus providing your organization more opportunity to sell. It likewise encourages your clients to get their requests in a timely manner, which supports the consumer loyalty and makes them even keener in the long haul to your organization.

A decent pharma sales force automation solution works around your clients and their requests considering:

● Dashboards

● Reports

● Client insight

4. Upselling and Cross-selling:

We know that challenges are endless in this situation! Manual and time consuming efforts might dissolve your clients’ interest and subsequently influence your organization’s primary concern. This is the reason you need a sales force automation app in your sales and marketing strategy, which can show you the detailed history of your past client requests and subsequently make customized email campaigns to boost and strategically pitch your items. Sales force automation tools enable your managers to analyse the past sales data, understand order history and your clients’ demography that can help you in making email campaigns that are customer-centric to increase your revenue.

5. Fast sales report generation:

Utilizing standard and advanced mobile-first pharma automation software permits your sales team to sort out and track pending payments and returns. Hence, it is surprisingly simpler for them to think of sales reports. On the other hand, your managers can eradicate the habit of doing everything manually. What’s more, sales force automation apps enable them to figure out where they need to improve and monitor their sales and when to follow up.

With sales force automation, the pharma industry is revolutionizing its sales and marketing strategies in a better way.

Today, technological augmentation is indispensable for any business! Sales force automation tools and applications can bring the change in your sales and marketing strategy, business operations, team management, reporting and more in a short span of time without any hassle.

For example, GoSales Pharma is a Mobile-First Pharma Sales Force Automation Solution for the pharma industry that not only manages the customer’s data but also improves the sales operations and resolves all your client’s needs. It is a highly adopted pharma sales force automation tool across India, being used during customer interactions to unwind their needs and propose the solution matching their requirements.

In this new era of digital transformation, your sales team needs to spend more time virtually connecting with your customers through data-driven approaches. Thus, GoSales Pharma can be a lucrative option for you to increase productivity and empower your business through an effective sales force automation app.

As a suggestion, you can make it an integral part of your pharma business to get a complete solution, which also increases the customer satisfaction ratio and effectively influences the pharma market. Good luck!