• The Future of Sales Force Automation- Welcome, AI and ML

The Future of Sales Force Automation- Welcome, AI and ML

Posted By Max Mobility
On 14-Mar-2019
  • Sales Force Automation

Sales teams all around the world are installing a forward-thinking philosophy with software solutions based on AI and ML. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are changing the way businesses approach sales, making the entire sales lifecycle machine-driven and smart. Sales force automation apps are being considered the future of sales- meaning analytics and data are the backbones of sales teams.

AI and ML are employed in organizations at all levels in all industries to optimize the performance of sales teams and put them in a better situation to improve sales and other key metrics. AI and ML show no signs of slowing down and are slowly creeping into the sales systems of today and beyond.

Industries such as manufacturing, FMCG, and FnB employ sales force automation tools to empower their sales teams with the right data and application on the field and in the premises. Sales Force automation tools are helping employees get to the root of customer interest, behavior, and so on. With a host of information about their buyers, salespersons are devising unique sales strategies for different buyer profiles.

Trends in Sales Force Automation with AI and ML

The McKinsey Global Institute discovered that 40 percent of time spent on sales activities is now possible to automate using AI capabilities that already exist [Source https://www.mckinsey.com/business-functions/digital-mckinsey/our-insights/four-fundamentals-of-workplace-automation?].

Lead quality and quantity can both be substantially improved using AI and ML-backed sales force automation solutions.

Here are a few trends AI and ML are bringing into the sales landscape.

●     Replacing repetition - This is what AI is for anyway. But, in the sales force automation space, AI is helping sales teams to focus on more logical and relevant work, taking their attention off repetitive tasks. The goal for SFA in this regard is to free salespersons from duties that don’t require any decision making capabilities. Sales teams are getting more face time with customers, rather having to be bogged down by irrelevant monotonous jobs.

●     Predictive capabilities - In cases where manufacturers need to offer maintenance services for their products, sales force automation tools are helping them predict damage before it disturbs the entire operation. This way, businesses are able to offer better services and promise longer if not 100 percent uptime of devices. Chips and sensors fitted in appliances predict any anomaly and report it to the concerned company without any human intervention.

●     Chatbots for customer service - Chatbots have ceased to be an option for businesses in any industry. Sales force automation is also employing chatbots to carry on the initial conversation for customer service reps. These bots are better equipped to handle complex cases and personalize the entire interaction for each customer. As a consequence, chatbots developed with AI are helping businesses deliver better customer service, faster.

●     CRM integration - Businesses no longer prefer standalone software solutions for each utility. Companies have begun integrating their CRM software with sales force automation tools that help them gauge customer behavior and interest to course-correct when necessary. The rapid adoption of CRM systems with SFA capabilities has led to an increase in the demand for proficient SFA solutions.

●     Customer Profiling and Analytics - AI and ML work behind the scenes of sales force automation tools to gather data about customers and analyze it to gain better insights into buyer preferences, interests, and purchasing behavior. Ultimately, these insights help sales teams make better decisions, back their decisions with hard logic and get their hands on results and statistics.

AI and ML-backed SFA solutions are improving the productivity of salespersons, allowing them to focus on tasks that truly need their time and effort.

Challenges in Automating Sales Force and How to Overcome Them

Sales teams often resist bringing in automated solutions that will completely change the way they work, replacing legacy processes and operations. While switching to an automated sales force software sounds interesting, there are a few challenges that line the transformation.

Information accuracy and consistency is one of them. Organizations need to consolidate the data present in silos and form one truth of information. It can be overwhelming to do so for companies who have worked in a particular fashion for decades. Without the help of a competent sales force automation software developer, businesses might fret and leave transformation half-baked.

Installing infrastructure to capture the gist of customer behavior and garnering the right information from buyers at the right time is also a challenge. SFA solutions need data to present insights. And, to make that data available is a roadblock for many organizations. The solution is to partner with a sales force automation consultant who will guide you through each step and ease out roadblocks along the way.

System training is another challenge when any business wants to opt for a tech-rich SFA solution. The last thing you need after a pricey SFA tool is to spend heavily on training your sales teams to use it. The solution is to partner with an SFA solution development team who will build an easy-to-use, interactive, and intuitive solution.

This way, your salespersons feel comfortable and excited to use the tool and any resistance from employees goes away.

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With our unique approach and transparent process, you will feel at ease and enjoy transforming your legacy sales processes installing faster and better AI/ML-backed tools.

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