Indian Oil helps you in all your celebrations via its customer connect app – #IOCelebration.

The app has been conceptualised as per IOCLs scope received by Continental Ads and designed/executed in collaboration between Continental Ads and Max Mobility with digital Marketing of the same done by UrsDigitally.com.

This Durga Puja its time to celebrate, connect with friends, find Puja pandals near you, know more about the rituals, Puja timings, themes and participate in contests with awesome surprises as part of IOCelebration App.

Problem Statement

Durga Puja holds a special place in the Bengali heart. It is Bengals’ and probably the world’s biggest carnival. It provides an opportunity to marketers to connect emotionally with their customers and build brand value.

Puja pandal hopping is very much a part of this sentiment and IndianOil, over the decades in association with Kolkata Police, has been publishing a city guide map to the popular Puja Pandals.

In keeping with a more digitally driven world, IndianOil wanted to develop a pro-active informative app – a guide map on Kolkata Puja Pandals and more that could be Distributed FREE to their customers and others. The objective set was to get 8000+ users to download and use the app.

The biggest challenge – the time from app approval to go live would be just 10 working days at max during which all information would need to be gathered and uploaded plus QC and go Live. As a result it was decided to go Live on the Play Store alone.

The 1st event, held in Bangalore, had the best minds of the Indian business world speaking about the disruptive technologies. The entire event was broadcast live on YouTube.

The 2nd event, held at Pune saw an increase in a number of app downloads and online engagement. The graph of DoBig’s success remained increasing since then. During 2015-2016, DoBig events were held in 7 cities and were very successful.

    Tackling the Time Challenge

    The overall project was awarded to Continental Advertising with Max Mobility being the technology partner and UrsDigitally being the Online Marketing Partner to the entire app.

    To shortlist and gather information of the pandals, MaxMobility designed a single page web app that Continental’s army of personnel would use as they went from Pandal Committee to Pandal Committee gathering relevant data, images of the past year, accolades won, the Lat Long for the google maps and more.

    Some data was also getting collected in vernacular. We needed to immediately arrange for translators to convert and enter the data in English. All data needed to be approved by a backend Admin post verification to maintain the sanctity of the data.

    We realised quickly that the marketing team of UrsDigitally will have literally 3 days at best to market and get people to download the app given the time frames. This meant that the entire Marketing collateral too would need to be created in just 2-3 working days and approved as well. The issue was that the marketing collateral can only be developed once the UI is frozen! The UI had to be developed in parallel and after 3 sprints across 2 days the same was approved and all changes incorporated. The next day the Marketing collaterals too were shared with Continentals team which suggested some modifications before sending for approval to IOCL. Fortunately the next set of changes to the marketing campaign were minimal.

    The app went into beta testing on T-3 and then we had to reshoot all the images of the Puja Pandals as the earlier ones were all of the pandals under construction or in various stages of completion.

    We decided to activate the user generated content first and did a Beta launch of the app with a contest allowing people to upload their selfies and images and enabled voting to decide which image will feature for which pandal. The marketing engine went into overdrive and the 1st day saw a shade over 1000 downloads. the next day the campaign picked up steam with a 1.1. launch enabling the live traffic update ticker. We closed at 3k odd downloads and getting featured as amongst the top 10 apps on the play store for the category and amongst the top 25 free apps to download.

    Continental also activated a QR code standee at all IOCL outlets to promote the app downloads and FB Trivia contests were also started promoting app downloads.

    We moved to daily coding sprints and daily uploads and by Sashti Puja we had crossed the magical milestone of 5k and made it to the top 5 list of apps n both categories. We were also fully feature complete.

    On Ashtami IOCelebrations made it to the top 3. On Dusshera, the final day of the Pujas we clocked a total of 9893 downloads… just a shade below the 10k mark and we were the number 2 top app to be downloaded.

    We had over 8k engaged users of which 3k+ had uploaded at-least 2 or more images. It was truly a slice of history in the making with the offline marketing, tech teams and the Digital marketing team collaborating with a wonderfully supportive team from IOCL to give the nation and Calcutta a truly interactive and almost real time updated app for celebrating the Durga Pujas.

The Solution

Solution Features

The app aimed to provide Pandal Hoppers with the following set of benefits :

  1. Make their Puja Pandal Hopping stress free by providing all data pertaining to traffic and locations. This was to be achieved by the following features
    • Live traffic updates,
    • Navigation to individual pujas with entry / exit marked
    • Near me features for petrol pumps, 24/7 open pumps, emergency services, eateries, pubs and more.
  2. Guide and educate users about the legacy and history of the Durga Puja festival as well s highlight the key pandals that they should surely visit. The features to do this include.
    • Guide to the history of the pujas,
    • The story of various Bonedir Bari pugs
    • List of 100+ prominent Pujas by categories like Area, Puja type,etc
    • List of various Puja Award winning Pandals as and when results are announced
  3. Promote User Interactions and create user generated images and data for each pandal. This was achieved via –
    • Abiility for users to click and upload images of the Puja pandals, Selfies, celebrations and Pandal history and theme
    • Blog posts on various specific aspects of the Pujas and much more.
    • Contests being run to promote checkins and App referrals.
  4. Highlight IOCL and Government initiatives. This was achieved by a dedicated section for
    • Getting information on Various Government initiatives
    • History about IOCL & its Green Initiatives
    • Blog posts on various specific aspects of the Pujas and much more.

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This Durga Puja its time to celebrate, connect with friends, find Puja pandals near you, know more about the rituals, Puja timings, themes and participate in contests with awesome surprises as part of IOCelebration App

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