As the Mobile Revolution gains momentum, trailblazing mobility solutions are the best highway businesses can take to stay in tune with the rising demands. As of 2021, over 60% of workers have reported working outside the office at least part of the time. While Enterprise Mobility Solutions have been gaining ground for quite some time now, the covid work situation has caused a sudden spike in its demand as well as relevance.

Businesses are increasingly discarding legacy systems and adapting to more agile & efficient mobility solutions models. This has got Enterprise Mobile App Development Companies making leaps in innovation.

  • 35
    Field Rep Productivity
  • 12
    Reduction in Cost
  • 10
    Increase in Sales Orders
  • 10
    Service to Delivery Cycle

Mobility Solutions that transform business processes

By Mobile App Categories

Mobile SalesForce Automation

Mobile Order Taking and Management. Mobile Merchandising. B2B ecommerce. m-Catalog. Stock Audits. PJP Management. Geocoding and tracking outlets.

Mobile Field Service Automation

Service Request Ticket Management. Instant visit tracking and ticket updates. Customer Digital Signature. Field service agent productivity management.

Mobile Surveys and Audits

Manage PJP of surveyors. Dynamic survey forms. Conduct surveys on the field anytime anywhere. Instant reporting and dashboards.

mCommerce Solutions

Digital product m-catalogs. mCommerce app with backend. Instant mapping with delivery points basis pin-codes/locations. Streamline your deliveries.

Event/Conference Solutions

Improved audience engagement. Live Polls. Conference Information at your fingertips. Live chat. Intelligent Push notification

Employee Safety Solutions

Manage employee pickup/drops with live monitoring. Manage and track drivers and vehicles. SoS. Security Alerts.

By Business Processes


Automate your sales processes. Increase SalesForce productivity and visibility. Mobile Order Management. Manage PJP and monitor field activity.

Customer Service

Instant allocation of Service Request tickets to field engineers. Instant Ticket updates and monitoring anytime anywhere.


Automate your Travel/Leave approval process. Mobile Employee Directory. Reliable employee Safety. Conduct live Polls.

Quality Audits

Conduct quality audits on the field anytime anywhere. Instant reporting and dashboards. Improve Quality score.

Logistics & Operations

Automate employee pickup/drop offs. Track fleet of vehicles. Employee Safety. Complete visibility of your fleet.


Improved Audience engagement. Qualified lead accumulation. Automate marketing events and conferences. Conduct live Polls.

By Industry Segments


Streamline your direct and secondary store deliveries. Maximize Van sales. Get complete last mile visibility. Increase productivity of your field force thereby increasing sales. B2B e-commerce with digital mBrochures.

Real Estate

Market your projects better using effective digital tools and marketing services. Conduct real time audits of your construction wip projects. Facility Management.


Open mCommerce store with virtual loyalty cards. Provide digital mBrochures to your consumers. Increase engagement resulting in increased foot falls. Material Management. Intelligent Push notification to buyers.


Manage mKYC. Manage your field support staff and reduce turnaround time. Provide intuitive mobile analytical dashboards to your sales hierarchy. Geocode your towers. Conduct competitive store location analysis.

Travel & Logistics

Open mCommerce store. Manage your fleet of cabs/trucks with GPS and analytics. Complete visibility of your fleet. Intelligent Push notification.


Get complete visibility on MR activities. Increase productivity of MR. Track sample inventories and orders. Conduct surveys and get instant feedback. Provide digital mBrochures.