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A MaxMobility solution helped Coca Cola India streamline its sales and increase workforce productivity by 35%.

Coca Cola is a global name that needs no introduction! This beverage brand has been operational in India since 1950.

See how an ingenious MaxMobility solution left a mark on this brand by helping them streamline their sales & delivery workflows!


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    Food and Beverage
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Project Challenges

This industry giant approached MaxMobility with following issues:

  • 01
    Exhaustive manual process of managing field executives. while guiding customers across the city towards the best celebrations.
  • 02
    Delays in product delivery to retail outlets.
  • 03
    Complete lack of automation.
  • 04
    Lack of transparency in sales and delivery cycles .
  • 05
    No efficient way to track & regulate distributor functions.
  • 06
    Decrease in workforce productivity for the lack of specific tools.
  • 07
    Complete lack of secondary and last-mile visibility.
  • 06
    No transparency in sales and delivery process.
  • 07
    NoFrequent leakage in schemes being passed on to the last-mile.

The MaxMobility Solution

Our Gosales solution turned out to be just Coca Cola needed to.

  • Monitor field activities with 100% visibility.
  • Automate over 40% of all retail coordination.
  • Improve workforce productivity by 55%.
  • Expedite the product delivery process by 100%.
  • Effectively maintain a track of sales orders.
  • Improve distribution & supply chain management.

The Impact

With our mobility solution play, all this information is just a click away from you!

How Gosales transformed Coca Cola's sales framework!

  • 01

    All retail outlets were geo-tagged.
  • 02

    All on-field activities was supervised and managed.
  • 03

    Visit points were plotted on maps for better clarity.
  • 04

    Stuff attendance could be monitored.
  • 05

    Workforce productivity increased by 35%.
  • 06

    Checked scheme leakage mishaps.

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