About the Client

MaxMobility introduced ITC to a revolutionary Field Survey Automation Solution.

With a sales turnover of 7 billion USD (2020), ITC is one of the most celebrated brand in the Indian retail sector.

The company carved its niche as a leading name in FMCG industry with winning names like Sunfeast, Aashirvaad, Engage, Vivel, etc .


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Project Challenges

When one of the biggest giants in the Indian retail scenario approached us, they needed:

  • 01
    A survey solution to supervise retail merchandising across outlets.
  • 02
    Leading-edge planogram software to track inventory requirements for each store .
  • 03
    A platform that supports seamless media-rich reports transfer.
  • 04
    Effective analytics & accurate data for making prompt, informed decisions .

Our journey with this client has been a grand success saga. Watch it here!

The MaxMobility Solution

"Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic" As it turns out, Mr. Clarke's futuristic quote not far from the truth .

With MaxMobility's GoSurvey solution, ITC found:

  • Means to ensure that their products are primly positioned in outlets across India.
  • A trailblazing planogram software that provided checklist for auditors to refer to while conducting surveys.
  • A platform where auditors could update status & provide survey reports promptly.
  • Reports to ensure the status of all audits.
  • Option to upload daytime and night-time photos along with reports to check factors like lighting and other display parameters.
  • Seamless tracking of attendance & team location across India.

The Impact

With MaxMobility's GoSurvey, ITC got the first taste of a new generation of Field Survey Automation.

The impact was resounding:

  • 01

    250+ field auditors used the GoSurvey solution for conducting successful audits across India.
  • 02

    ITC could ensure that their products are primly positioned across all outlets.
  • 03

    With the new-age planogram software at their fingertips, audits ensured that ITC attains merchandising uniformity across all platforms.
  • 04

    Detailed media-rich reports helped in effective analysis.
  • 05

    Media-rich reports & ratings could be sent seamlessly.
  • 05

    Ready reports helped in quicker decision making and more effective strategizing.

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