GoSurvey is a seamlessly integrated system which gives organizations a real-time 360 degree view of its field audits. It is a productivity survey tool that brings about unparalleled survey effectiveness.

Assign to Field Auditor
Control Measures
Dynamic Survey Setup
Predictive Shopping Habits

Measurable RoI in Weeks

  • Field Rep Productivity
  • Reduction in Cost
  • Increase in Sales Orders
  • Service to Delivery Cycle

When you simply provide the solutions your customers need, half the battle is already won

Whether you are in the FMCG, Gems and Jewellery, Footwear, Consumer Electronics, Apparel and Fashion Wear, Premium Cosmetics and Healthcare, Confectionary, Automobile, Optical, or Premium Luggage industry, chances are you need to conduct field surveys using online survey tools. Such surveys can help understand the prices your customers are comfortable paying for your product or those similar to yours, feedback for your products, competitor positioning, retailer positioning, and so much more. These insights can then be used by your marketing team to improve strategy and revenue generation.

Say goodbye to estimates, guesstimates and irrational decision making. When you can generate insightful reports from the survey data you collect, you can see where the gap lies between planning and execution.

When your team doesn’t have data presented in a visually understandable format, considerable time can be spent just sifting through the numbers. But when the results take about a minute to generate before your next marketing meeting and the team can clearly see the patterns during the meeting, you can spend your time effectively planning your next steps rather than organizing the data.

When you don’t have access to historical survey data or don’t know the goal of your current survey, chances are you are not structuring your questions correctly. Optimize the data you collect so that your marketing team and senior management can make more data-driven decisions!

Collecting data through a field survey automation tool may seem easy, but optimising it may not be!

Following the steps below will give you the best possible data you can:


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The entire field survey process is supported to bring the best outcomes for you with the following features

  • Field Auditor Assignment
  • Dynamic Survey
  • Offline capabilities
  • Custom set pre journey plan
  • Easy share
  • Insightful reports
  • Predictive shopping habits
  • Attendance
  • Location tracking
  • Layered quality control measures
  • Commercial and non-commercial hour survey structure

But first, here’s why you should trust us before you trust the data you collect through GoSurvey

It can be difficult to trust a field survey automation provider. After all, your most insightful data is going to be stored on the platform! This is why you can start feeling safe with us::

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