GoSales ensures 360 degree coverage for an Enterprise customer in the Sales & Distribution ecosystem.It's an award winning SFA & DMS solution which manages and micro manages all the critical success factors in the sales & distribution lifecycle.

Order Management
Stock Management
New Outlet
Primary Sales
Secondary Sales
Location Tracking
Prospective Outlet
3rd Party Integration
Purchase / Inventory Management
Van Sales
Asset Management
Sales Return

Measurable RoI in Weeks

  • Field Rep Productivity
  • Reduction in Cost
  • Increase in Sales Orders
  • Service to Delivery Cycle

Manage workflows on the field like a pro

When from marking attendance to registering new vendors is as easy as entering it into a sales force automation app on the mobile, your sales executives can conveniently record data that leads to actionable insights!

When your ASMs can pre-plan a journey for every sales executive right from their fingertips and monitor whether the journey has been followed, safe to say they will be a happier camper improving the team’s productivity!

When your sales head has graphs, extensive reports, and analytics to measure primary and secondary sales performance, improved action plans that increase revenue and reduce costs are almost guaranteed!

When your marketing team can deep dive into metrics of each product through sales force automation tools, it can create a data-driven market strategy less prone to risk and based on real customer insights!

When your entire sales and marketing team sits with you for a planning session, it will be armed with historic trends that can guide your future course of action.

When customer service managers and sales managers have access to details about every lead’s primary needs and concerns, their pitches become highly personalized and highly convincing.

Arm your field force and sales managers with ROI-boosting sales force automation tools and features


Consumer-acclaimed Sales Force Automation Solution

Our Sales Force Automation Solution has made sales miracles happen for industry giants like Coca Cola, Lux, Qualcomm, etc. Find out about GoSales’s amazing features here.

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