About the Client

Excel Wallpapers is one of biggest wallpaper companies in India with a customer base stretched across the country. With two decades of excellence to their name, Excel Wallpapers is adept at striking just the right tasteful chord when it comes to your home decor.

Be it opulent, western-inspired, traditional, or modern minimalistic - they have over 5000 patterns to choose from with something right to entice every client!

So, while they were busy transforming your homes, MaxMobility was streamlining their sales operations through Digital Transformation for maximum ROI and growth.


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Project Challenges

When Excel Wallpapers approached MaxMobility, we spotted these areas that needed immediate changes for best results:

  • 01
    Breaking out of the brick-and-mortar model, or in Excel’s case, the print-and-paper model is the first Digital Transformation goal. So, the physical catalogues needed to be replaced by digital brochures to facilitate efficiency and ease.
  • 02
    Effectively monitoring its vast network of dealers and distributors. A transparent medium of communication and means to settle distributor claims was also needed.
  • 03
    Tracking sales team location with real-time updates and easy attendance records that could be referred to was the need of the hour
  • 04
    Ready reports depicting sales team productivity & performance was needed
  • 05
    Effective means to track and monitor distributor performance was needed.
  • 06
    Means to showcase instant stock information was needed.

A Digital Transformation Success Story

Watch how Excel Interior Wallpapers unlocked Digital Transformation wonders like digital catalogues, personalized eCommerce app, and so much more with a MaxMobility innovation

The MaxMobility Solution

GoSales introduced Excel Wallpapers to the transformative potential of Sales Force Automation. We deployed this solution while keeping the aforementioned pain points in mind.

With GoSales, Excel could:

  • Digitize their entire product catalogue for the convenience of salespeople and customers
  • Additionally record customer feedback and insights through the same app
  • Resolve distributor claims in a jiffy
  • Gather competitor details
  • Monitor team attendance & get real-time location updates
  • Track team performance with a 100% visibility of sales processes

The Impact

With GoSales, Excel received 360-degree sales force on-field visibility that could help them strategize better. Also, digitizing the catalogue added greatly to consumer satisfaction.

Needless to say, the impact was groundbreaking:

  • 01

    40% increase in Field Representative Productivity
  • 02

    15% reduction in costs
  • 03

    12% increase in sales orders
  • 04

    10% decrease in Service to Delivery Cycle
  • 05

    96K+ annual transactions recorded
  • 06

    600+ active users

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