Monitor and manage field-level operations proactively. Resolve the gap between customer service request and service delivery to a vast customer base spreading across a wide distribution range.

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  • Field Rep Productivity
  • Reduction in Cost
  • Increase in Sales Orders
  • Service to Delivery Cycle

Provide customers with undefeatable customer service so they keep coming back for more

Assign a journey to your field service team through service tickets and monitor whether they follow it. The benefit of a field service management software such as GoService is that this can easily be done even over a large geographic region. Field service executives can even change the status of their tickets once they have resolved the customer’s problems even with limited or no internet service.

The admin has all the power! If there is an urgent service request coming in from a customer, the admin can quickly assign the closest service executive to the ticket by checking his or her location on the map.

Productivity is the biggest contributor to customer service success and you can monitor it through GoService! Check Pre Journey Plan deviations, excessive idle time, and geofence violation.

Who says you need new infrastructure to introduce optimized methods of measuring productivity and providing invaluable customer service? The beauty of enterprise mobility solutions such as GoService is that all you need is a digital app and dashboard and all your field service executives need are their phones.

Reduce the gap between the service your customer expects and surpass it by exponentially increasing the productivity of your field service team


But first, here’s why you should trust us before you start building your customers’ trust through GoService

We understand that while you are trying to get your customers to trust you by increasing the productivity of your field service team, you need to have trust in the company that is inventing Field Service Automation softwares in the first place. Here are a few reasons to help you start on that journey:

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