No more hard copy & heavy printed brochure. Go mobile and give your customer a virtual experience of the property at their fingertips. Available on Google Cardboard / Virtual reality glasses also.

360 (degree symbol)Virtual Reality Digital Brochure
Location Based Proximity Alerts for Site Visits
Manage Multiple Properties
VR Glass Compatible

Give your customers an experience they will never forget. After all, virtual reality on mobile, Google Cardboard, or Virtual Reality Glasses is the new printed brochure!

When your customers cannot visit you and an online brochure is just not enough to show just how awesome your property is, virtual reality which shows your property in 360-degrees is the next best option.

A truly immersive experience to really know what it would feel like to live in the property is something that many customers expect from you. If you have many potential residents but not many are visiting the property, this is a thrilling exposure to their potential future home.

Potential residents look for what’s in and around the area they could possibly stay in. With an mBrochure, a map view is easily available! They can research the local attractions, restaurants, schools, and more.

Sending them alerts and marketing messages is as easy as eating pie with a digital brochure like GoBizMo mBrochure. It’s time to say goodbye to sending marketing messages and following up on WhatsApp every day. Now your sales team can spend more time focusing on customers who show the maximum interest!

Make it easier for your customers to experience your property and your sales team to convince your customers with these cutting edge features.

Optimise the time your sales team spends on convincing your customers.


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