About the Client

With multiple hosiery brands like ‘Lyra for Women,’ ‘Lux Cozi,’ ‘Lux Onn’ to its credit, Lux is the largest Indian innerwear brand with a phenomenal yearly sales turnover of around Rs. 1140 crores (2018-2019.) The brand operates pan India with a dynamic team of distributors, agents, and sales reps. With fully automated in-house stitching units, the company churns out over 20-crore pieces of garments on a yearly basis. Being the best in the business, the company has been seen to collaborate only with luminaries from their respective fields.


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Project Challenges

We identified the key challenges faced by the Lux management team to provide them with specific, purpose-oriented solutions.

The key challenges were:

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    Lack of last-mile visibility of sales schemes supplied to retailers: As is the case with many such vast enterprises, Lux was having troubles gauging how far their schemes have permeated across the ever-expanding body of their end consumers.
  • 02
    Estimating the expanse of their total retail universe: We needed to find a way to ensure that the topmost rungs in the management ladder have a clear picture and estimate of their vast retail universe.
  • 03
    Keeping track of 25K+ product list: With vastness in range and variety and products, inevitable challenges arise with respect to tracking and management.
  • 04
    No channel to track or manage the sales team: Efficient management requires a transparent communication channel for effective communication and coordination.

Our journey with this client has been a grand success saga. Watch it here!

The MaxMobility Solution

“If the wind will not serve, take to the oars.”

And so we did for this esteemed client. As a leading Digital Transformation Company in India, MaxMobility is known for orchestrating technology innovations for holistic solutions. GoSales, our trailblazing Sales Force Automation App took care of all the aforementioned challenges:

  • A common communication platform for all
    Often, miscommunication/lack of timely communication gives rise to disputes, especially within a vast enterprise like Lux. GoSales provided a common platform for all communication, lending a much-needed transparency and coherence in the process.
  • Tracking product info
    With GoSales, Lux could not only track its ever-expanding multitude of products, but also gained valuable product insights based on performance.
  • Efficient Sales team tracking and productivity assessment
    Lux could now easily manage its extensive sales and distributor teams. And how can you best manage what you can not measure, right? With GoSales, managers could track the productivity of their sales personnel too. Talk about two birds with one stone!

The Impact

Our trailblazing solution struck a deep resonant chord with their needs and requirements. Very soon, the impact was visible in epic figures:

  • 01

    Within only three months, they registered a phenomenal count of over 2 Lakhs retail outlets. It catalysed their channel expansion drive and helped it reach unreached heights.
  • 02

    Regular and timely communication through the retail channel helped in managing the process seamlessly.
  • 03

    GoSales started recording attendance of the sales team. Lux could now seamlessly track, control, and record their on-field team.
  • 04

    With GoSales, the company could track and map order, stock, performance, and other relevant product information in a jiffy!

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