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    On 13-Apr-2016
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    According to NASSCOM, Information technology sector in India is growing at 11% per year and expected to triple its current revenue by 2025(Approx US$ 350 billion). And to match with this exponential high demand, in year 2012 only 230000 new jobs were created and the numbers are increasing every year. At the same time, the cases of violence and sexual abuse committed against IT employees are also going up at an alarming rate. Initially, Large MNCs and SMEs tried to counter by introducing the cab facilities and other measures. But despite their best efforts, those have failed to prevent undesirable incidents.

    Mobile cab management solutions: A new hope

    The main reason of failure, companies couldn’t able to follow the movements of the employees when they were on board. This made the things easier for offenders. In some cases, the drivers were actively involved in crime and still managed to get away without any consequences. Mobile cab management solutions, a new generation of mobile platform based technologies, can fill this gap by empowering companies to be able to watch over the entire cab transport process. And after knowing that their employers are watching, employees especially the female ones, can feel much safer also. Here is the breakdown of the reasons why you should opt for mobile cab management systems like Maxtrack CMS, if you aren’t using one already.

      1. To ensure the safety of the employees:

    Safety of the employees is one of the prime concerns of any organization. And through GPS technology based mobile cab management solutions vigilant administrators can keep employees safe. Mobility solutions have options to store details of drivers and employees in organized ways and  authentication processes prevent any kind of trespassing. Vehicle locators and speed monitoring can refrain drivers from rush driving. Distress call/message option can help to escalate if any employee go missing. In simpler terms, mobile cab management applications help companies to deal with any kind of cab transport safety issues and can make employees feel completely safe in turn.

      2. To keep third parties out of the scene:

    Some companies outsource their cab management to other third parties. But to pick a dependable third party cab service agency, from a mixed bag is not easy. Most common allegations against such third party agencies are poor services and misbehavior with employees but instances of fuel theft, property damage and accidents due reckless driving etc. are also not uncommon. Moreover, those agencies also often don’t supply details of their drivers’ activities or employees’ status, encouraging the criminals to exploit these shady areas. Recent survey has revealed, in large number of the employee abuse cases, drivers of third party agencies are directly involved. With mobile cab solutions, Administrator can monitor the employee status and drivers’ activity in details very easily. For example, in case of Maxtrack CMS, you can see the details of the journey, driver and employees status from the admin dashboard.

    3. To Improve cab service managements and reduce cost:-

    Mobile cab solutions also can save extra investment due to the installation of expensive GPS tracking hardware and other monetary compensation demanded by third parties. Long story short, installation of mobile cab management solutions is synonymous to getting rid of troublesome third party agencies and cost reduction. Mobile cab solutions, apart from ensuring safety, can optimize cab services of an enterprise. Most of the cab management solutions present a full list of vehicles, driver details etc before administrator, helping him to determine the strategies for optimum resource usage. Mobile solutions also simplify the communication channel between employees and drivers, leading to better services. Here is an example, how Maxtrack CMS, a mobile cab management solution gives minute details of employees and routes through GPS. The mobility cab solutions can also help to analyze routes that are less profitable due to higher fuel consumption. And, using the latest route mapping and traffic data, the company can find alternate routes to reach a particular destination and thereby save fuel and time. Another advantages of mobile platform based solutions, these are very easy to download and install and no need of GPS hardware installation. Navigation and user interface are also very user-friendly, so your employees don’t need lengthy training sessions either.

    Why Maxtrack CMS:

    No doubt, there are some good similar solutions in the market, so why choose Maxtrack CMS over others to keep your workforce safe?

    Firstly, Maxtrack CMS offers high degree of clarity. For example, employees can see the photos of the driver through the application and can refuse to board if the driver is not the same person. Drivers have to ensure the start of journey through authentication, so that administrator gets confirmation about timing of the journey and legitimacy of the driver.

    Maxtrack CMS also has distress message option. If any employee didn’t confirm his arrival even after confirmed drop, administrator would be informed through message alert and could take necessary steps to enquire the situation.

    Map view option can help the administrator to confirm if the vehicle is taking a different route or trying to speed up to a dangerous level. In such cases, administrator can easily gain access to alleged drivers details and take actions against that person.

    Maxtrack CMS can also help to prevent fuel theft. Map view option offers estimated time and distance between the starting point and destination. If anyone tries to use up unusually high quantity of fuel for the said distance, company administrators can easily confront him.

    Best part of Maxtrack CMS, it’s reliable, cheap and doesn’t require any separate hardware to implement. Your employees and drivers can just download the app on their smart phones to activate the system.

    Mobile cab management solutions like Maxtrack CMS are your best bet if you want to ensure employee safety, service optimization and mal practice prohibition. These solutions are easy to install and use yet very cost effective. Lots of good choices are available in market so you just have to decide and choose to enjoy its benefits.