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5 Common Challenges You Might Face While Implementing SFA | MaxMobility

Posted By Max Mobility
On 27-May-2019
  • Sales Force Automation

Businesses today are more dynamic than ever. So much so, that managing your on-feet sales fleet without automation can be a challenge. Sales force automation apps aim to resolve inefficiencies in managing the sales workforce that is always on its toes, looking for and locking up leads for your business.

If you have not yet made up your mind to invest in a sales force automation solution, there can’t be a better time than now. The global sales force automation software market is expected to reach $7.4 billion by 2023.

Get onboard and plan for a sales enablement software that automates tedious tasks and improves sales efficiency.

While we are well-versed with the benefits of implementing a sales force automation solution, seldom do we wonder that it might fail. Not all sales force automation projects were created equal.

If you don’t have the assistance from the right sales force automation app development company, all your strategies and efforts can fall flat.

Let’s explore a few reasons why an SFA implementation might fail.

Sales Force Automation Implementation Challenges:

Here are a few reasons why your sales force automation implementation might go wrong: Lack of a Long-term Vision: -

If you don’t have a clear ‘why’ defined, you might as well not implement an SFA app for your business. When businesses are not sure about their objective, they don’t ask the right questions, they don’t strategize their approach to development, and eventually, they don’t get any returns. You will need to invest time, effort, and resource into getting an SFA solution. If you don’t have a clearly defined vision, the planning will not be concrete and there will be no fuel to power your SFA solution. Therefore, discover why a sales force automation solution is important for your business and then begin the implementation.

No Buy-in from Management - For salespersons to effectively use your SFA solution, there should be a strategy to get the buy-in from senior managers first. When your sales personnel learn about the benefits of using an SFA app and see it in full force with their managers, they will be thrilled to use it. Since sales managers are in close proximity to the everyday challenges their teams face, they should be part of the decision making team on an SFA implementation project.

User Resistance -

What good is a sales force automation solution that its intended users resist? No matter how much you invest in an SFA solution, it is ultra-critical to get the actual users on board. To overcome user resistance, you can have training for unskilled salespersons and get buy-in from them at an early stage. It is also a good idea to learn about the challenges of salespeople before implementation so you can address their issues through automation.

Unstructured Data -

A sales force automation solution is data-driven. The SFA app will need access to the right data in an integrated form to carry out processes, analyze trends, and react to the data. This is why unstructured data can be a barrier to SFA implementation. It is important for businesses to break down silos and make data more visible and accessible for an SFA solution to report and analyze it. It is also essential to have in-depth know-how of business processes, customers, distributors, routes, and products so that you can integrate functionalities into your SFA solution.

Feasibility of Integration -

An SFA solution cannot work as a standalone system. It needs integrating with the existing platforms such as CRM, ERPs, accounting software, legacy systems, and so on. When it is not feasible by money ad effort to integrate SFA into these systems, it becomes a challenge to fully utilize the potential of the solution. Having data and operations in silos is not the best way to leverage an SFA solution.

The success of an SFA solution also depends on the training you offer its users. Make your on-field force comfortable and confident in using the app by carrying out comprehensive training for them.

Sales force automation app development might look like an exhausting task. Therefore, you need assistance from the right team to work alongside your internal IT team.

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