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5 Reasons Why You Should Invest in a SFA Solution | MaxMobility

Posted By Max Mobility
On 05-Jun-2019
  • Sales Force Automation

Sales force automation apps are designed to eliminate monotony and tediousness from the lives of sales professionals. This way, sales reps get more time to focus on selling your products/services instead of filling up forms and datasheets.

All businesses today want to effectively manage customer relationships, build better customer engagement and improve efficiency across processes such as invoicing, billing, inventory tracking, and reporting. By implementing a sales force automation solution, all of this and more can be achieved.

5 Ways a Sales Force Automation App can Drive Growth & Revenue:

1.  Higher deal closure rates-


If you face siloed and fragmented customer data that can hardly be worked upon, a sales force automation solution will work to integrate that data and derive insights that will ultimately empower you to close deals better and faster. With in-depth insights into each customer’s pain points, their buying behavior, and their journey with your brand, you can customize your approach and close more deals.

2.  Reduced Time to Sales-


Data is a sales rep’s best bud. The right data about a buyer can empower sales professionals to engage with them with a personalized message. A sales force automation solution can give you all the relevant information about a prospect quickly. With a mobile-first solution, you can access this data from anywhere at any point in time. Speed up sales using prospect data and a simplified sales process.

3.  Retain More Customers-


If businesses can retain more customers, they will have less pressure to get new ones. This is a fact for most enterprises. Customer retention remains a challenge for businesses that don’t adapt to changing buyer expectations. With data and analytics by your side, you can run surveys through a sales force automation app, collect feedback, and use it to improve your services as per customer needs.

4.  Improve Customer Service-


Which sales rep has never repeated a complaint or feedback about an order? SFA solutions are integral to customer relationship management. An SFA app can eliminate customer dissatisfaction by creating a central repository to store feedback and grievances. By storing all client-related information in one place, you can also significantly lower the ramp-up time for new incoming sales reps. Data and insights allow your sales employees to handle calls efficiently and make more room for upselling, reaching out to new prospects, and so on.

5.  Manage Opportunities-


These are competitive times we need to navigate through. All businesses face competition from their rivals, compelling them to monitor these companies. An SFA solution with opportunity management capabilities can allow you to streamline the follow-up process, schedule calls, track meetings, and collect data efficiently. Opportunity management is such a critical aspect of business these days. One lost opportunity can be $$ you never got to see.

Apart from these, there are several other reasons why you should use a sales force automation solution. Sales automation can prove to be the game-changing decision you make to elevate your business and rise above the competition.

6. Manage Sales Teams Effectively with an SFA solution-

A sales force automation solution not only improves your sales team’s efficiency but also makes managing one easier.

Sales managers get real-time alerts about the location and activities of on-field salespersons, they can issue notifications to course-correct their strategy, and measure metrics such as performance and effective working hours on the go.

With an SFA solution, sales managers can develop sales territories for each salesperson based on their work experience, expertise, and performance. They can get instant access to each of their subordinates’ opportunities, sales figures, customer complaints, and other metrics to measure their performance and gauge revenue.

These tools also enable sales managers to select the optimal individual to follow-up with priority leads based on their location, availability, and expertise.

Using all these features of a sales force automation app, sales managers can organize teams better and lead salespersons to individual and organizational success.

7. Get a Customized Sales Force Automation Solution-

If a sales force automation solution is your gateway into insights about primary and secondary sales efficiency, you will want to tailor it to your needs.

At MaxMobility, we custom-build sales force automation solutions for our clients all over the world. Our expertise lies in seeing through your business’ needs and uncovering sales aspects that can be improved with an SFA solution.

Reach out to discuss your ideal SFA app features. Let’s collaborate to win you more sales !