• 6 Reasons Why Investing in a Sales Force Automation Solution is a Sure-Fire Step towards Success

6 Reasons Why Investing in a Sales Force Automation Solution is a Sure-Fire Step towards Success

Posted By Max Mobility
On 18-Jun-2021
  • Sales Force Automation

Revenue forecasts for 2027 tag the Sales Force Automation market at over $13.82 billion! 

Clearly, business owners across the globe unanimously agree on the multi-faceted benefits of using Mobile Sales Force Automation Software. As the Digital Transformation revolution has been gaining momentum, automation has had a pivotal role in turning the wheels of success.

You might think Sales Force Automation is only about automating the sales cycle, but that does not even begin to cover it. More and more businesses are embracing SFA because Sales Force Automation Solutions in India have greatly altered customer satisfaction index, salesforce productivity, distributor relations - each of which have in turn boosted ROI!

Surveys testify that high-growth firms that incorporate large-scale automation into their sales process generate around 16% more leads compared to those that incorporate low-scale or no automation.

Still in two minds about adopting Sales Force Automation Solutions for your business needs?

Here are six reasons to tip the scales in SFA’s favour

1.Ready information database

Promptness & effective service are the two major hinges around which the business world is revolving right now. But are your sales reps always able to resolve consumer queries effectively?

Now they can!

When you choose to invest in Sales Force Automation, your solution gives you a ready information database that sales representatives can refer to while solving consumer queries. A well-informed customer can make the right choices. This is also critical for building faith in your brand.

You can increase customer satisfaction, chances or conversion, and sales rep productivity - all in one go!

2.Your Sales Strategy expert

Automation is not a single process. Your Mobile Sales Force Automation Software has a direct impact on your sales strategy and workforce management too.

Studies show that almost 60% of sales reps do not follow up on a lead after the first attempt. But your SFA solution could be your sales manager’s eyes and ears to detect such lukewarm sales efforts. With a ready directory of sales efforts made per sales rep, managers can easily weed out underperforming employees.

As for your sales strategy, one sales force automation app records sales attempts’ history so your salespeople can avoid duplicate sales efforts on the same prospect and devise a strategy that will actually work.

SFA solutions can also help you in sales forecasting. How? By recording the sales ramp-up time, of course! Sales ramp-up time refers to the time a new sales recruit needs to become fully trained and ready to deliver results. When you have this data ready at your disposal, sales forecasting becomes more easy and accurate.

3.For a flawless Sales Cycle

Sales Force Automation reduces the scope of manual errors to ensure that your sales cycle runs smoother than ever.

Here’s what you get with a fully automated sales cycle:

    • Lead potential is assessed
    • Manage leads better by assigning high potential leads to your best staff
    • A common communication platform for all that increases transparency in the process
    • Prompt lead progress intimation so that nobody misses their cues
    • Complete lead progress record maintained to help you train your new sales recruits
  1. Improved distributor relations

Losing sleep over unresolved distributor claims or lack of visibility into reselling efforts?

Clearly, Sales Force Automation is the need of the hour then.

Your SFA solution can help manage distributor claims, monitor distributor activities, track & improve reseller techniques and so much more! For instance, MaxMobility’s stellar Sales Force Automation Solution, GoSales has helped industry giants like Coca Cola, Keventer’s, Qualcomm, etc. manage, monitor, and optimize their distributor relations better than ever.

By automating the process you are promptly resolving distributor claims that instils brand faith and ensures higher distributor productivity.

5.Automating initial contact

We have already seen that immediacy and promptness are the needs of the hour when it comes to making a lasting impression on your customers. Once again, SFA can keep you ahead of the game at all times.

Studies show that 40% leads lose interest in a brand if they do not receive a prompt response. While your sales managers are busy tackling a hundred things, you could be losing out on high-potential leads!

With Sales Force Automation, you can automate initial contact until your representatives are ready to take up the lead. This creates the image of a brand that is responsive to consumer needs, reliable, and prompt in taking action!

6.Personalize your sales efforts

If promptness is the first hinge on which the business world is running, the second one is personalization.

Personalized sales efforts not only increase chances of conversion but also ensure that your brand leaves an impact on the prospects either way.

So how does SFA help?

Your SFA solution provides you insightful data regarding consumer preferences, sales tactics they have disapproved or encouraged, previous purchase history and so on. Your sales reps can use this data to create a strategy that could just be the most effective sales hook!

This data could also improve your retargeting efforts and increase chances of conversion by almost 60%!

Your Sales Force Automation Solution also creates a compendium for a successful sales journey. This comes in handy while training new recruits because every step on the road to conversion is recorded. Training new sales recruits becomes easier than ever and you can ensure you’re training them up for success! Is it any wonder that Mobile Sales Force Automation Software in India is slowly taking over all industries? It’s hard to say no to a solution that single handedly promises such multiple returns!

So, have you chosen your SFA saviour yet?