• 6 Sure-Fire Ways of Encouraging Your Sales Team to Embrace Sales Force Automation | MaxMobility

6 Sure-Fire Ways of Encouraging Your Sales Team to Embrace Sales Force Automation | MaxMobility

Posted By Max Mobility
On 26-Mar-2021
  • Sales Force Automation

Even the whopping USD 7.89 billion Sales Force Automation market is no motivation unless you can actually onboard users! As every new innovation needs a breaking-in period, user resistance to Sales Force Automation Tools is a challenge that you must overcome. What if you don’t? Well then you miss out on utilizing the immense potential of Sales Force Automation Software in reimagining and reinventing your business framework. Sell the advantages of using Sales Force Automation Solution - that’s the easiest way to help your team embrace automation. As they say, nothing is more convincing than results. As of 2020, companies have reported that SFA has caused almost a 30% increase in deal closures.  Throw in a couple of such impressive statistics along with the many advantages of using SFA and you will have the team eager to get on board in no time. So what is it about Sales Force Automation that has garnered an overwhelming response?

1. Improved quality of Salesperson-Customer interactions:

Imagine that you are in the middle of a sales pitch. Not being able to answer a consumer query promptly can lay waste to your entire sales efforts. Alarming much? Well, not anymore. With the right Sales Force Automation Software you have a ready pool of information to refer to while answering customer queries. With the information database at your disposal, the quality of salesperson-customer interactions improves greatly, and along with it pulls up the entire sales team productivity.

2. Lets your team consolidate sales efforts:

Nothing spells a greater disaster for your cold calling strategy than duplicated efforts! Imagine a customer has already shown reluctance to a certain kind of sales effort. Do that twice and you have lost the customer for good! How does SFA help? Sales Force Automation Systems like GoSales will keep a record of consumer history. Sales reps can refer to this while strategizing. It will inform them regarding customer preferences based on previous interactions and ensure that none of the efforts are duplicated. You shouldn’t have to miss out on a successful conversion just for the lack of information! Sales Force Automation Systems ensure that you don’t.

3. Saying NO to manual data entry:

Over 35% of an average sales rep’s time is wasted on manual data entry and report making. This greatly chips away at their productivity, not to mention leaves room for a lot of errors! The right Sales Force Automation Tools bring automated ready reports at a single click, leaving sales reps to do what they do best - SELL! Let your team know the number of productive hours they could be saving & using it to fortify their sales efforts.

4. In-built training modules:

Like SFA’s contribution to productivity & revenue weren’t enough, there is yet another territory where SFA makes your life easier - in training new sales reps! Your SFA software is where all the structured data goes. It is like a compendium storing every kind of information, failed efforts and successful efforts alike. While new sales reps are being trained, they can trace every process that led to a successful conversion.

5. Scheduling follow-ups & appointments:

Your software knows your schedule even better than you do! And that’s how it can alert you regarding pending follow-ups with potential customers. Over 65% sales reps do not follow up with a lead after the first contact! This is not just a testimony to lukewarm sales efforts. Studies have shown that it is often due to lack of organised efforts. A lot of leads get lost amidst heaps of new information coming in. SFA puts a stop to you. It alerts you regarding impending follow-ups so you can ensure that you utilize the full potential of every lead.

6. Automating initial responses:

How did legacy systems handle inflow of leads? Leads would just sit on the files until the sales manager got time to go through them. In a business scenario that prioritizes promptness over everything else, missing out on providing an immediate reply could ruin your entire sales strategy. Sales Force Automation Tools come in handy because they automate a lot of the initial interactions until the sales reps can take hold of a project. The promptness of response keeps the customer engaged and ensures that you don’t miss out on an opportunity just due a little delay in communication! John Golden, the chief strategy officer at Pipeliner, has managed to capture the essence of managers getting their teams to warm up to SFA in a hilarious analogy: “The sales manager should think, ‘Hang on a second, my job is to sell this to the salespeople.’ And would they want the salespeople selling like that, where they’re just saying, ‘Hey, Mr. Prospect, if you buy this product I’ll benefit because you pay me’? That’s not a very good sales tactic.” Just like that, even SFA is bound to face initial user resistance until you can convince your team how it is actually for their benefit. Given such manifold applications of Sales Force Automation Apps, that should be easy!