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Advantages Of Field Force Management App On Your Device | MaxMobility

Posted By Max Mobility
On 06-Jan-2023
  • Field Force Management

Having a field force management app handy on your phone/device is the easiest way to efficiently manage your on-field personnel’s daily routine and keeping a track of crucial activities. On-the-clock businesses like FMCG, logistics, retail, and so on rely to a great extent on the field sales agents who are working across different locations, dealing with distributors, retailers, and even end-customers to meet the sole mission of closing deals faster and generating sales and revenue. According to a report by Forbes, manually monitored field sales representatives invest only 35% of their time in productive selling, while the rest is wasted on repetitive tasks and fixing errors. This is a persistent challenge for any distributor-led businesses where field sales comprise a major part of the sales ecosystem, leading to unwanted lagging and inconveniences. To mitigate these challenges, globally popular FMCG brands like Coca-Cola, Jubilant, and Keventers to name a few have smartly integrated GoSales to optimize their field sales operation and maximize profit. Still not sure about adopting sales automation? Hope the following factors below will transform your hectic field sales management into a matter of just a few clicks.

Seamless field force monitoring :

If you are the sales manager of a manually operated sales process, then you are already dealing with a not-so-smooth equation with your field agents. The prime reason is daily queries and updates that not only offend your sales team raising trust issues but are also time-consuming. But with a field force management app from your device, you can seamlessly monitor, and manage your on-field sales team irrespective of yours’s and theirs’s location.

Integrating GoSales, a mobile-first sales automation software by MaxMobility enables you to

  • Decide the pre-journey plan for each of your sales agents on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis at the city, state, or retailer level
  • Assigning daily tasks and targets
  • Reviewing targets by order, product sold, revenue earned, order from different retailers, new schemes, and number of new retailers and customers achieved
  • Monitor data of each sales agent through personalized reports
  • Stay connected to your sales personnel and generate uninterrupted data despite connectivity issues and can fetch cloud-based data once the network is restored

Last mile visibility:

GoSales enables you to track your on-field agents till the last-end delivery and dealings of the products with complete accuracy. With the use of sales force automation app like GoSales, leading FMCG businesses like Keventers has been able to ensure a fair trade practice among its wider web of distributors and dealers. Price manipulation at the regional or domestic market level is no longer a concerning issue for manufacturers. According to the latest report by Salesforce “the adoption of predictive sales intelligence is likely to grow between 2020-2023” to eliminate these hassles and ensure 100% transparency in every dealing.

Accurate sales tracking:

Keeping a tab of secondary and tertiary sales is a huge deal for a sales manager that often leads to missing links, impacting the monthly and annual sales figures. GoSales ease your job by offering you a clearer picture of sales at the retailer and micro-market levels.

Hierarchy segmentation with details:

With the GoSales app on your phone, you can upload contact details of dealers/distributors, retailers, and sales personnel to get immediate access to the data according to your requirement. Besides, you can also categorize distributors according to SKUs and products.

Seamless product management:

By integrating GoSales with your device, you can now conveniently upload product and SKU details, and segment and manage prices for each product and SKU by MRP or distributor price. You can also obtain the micro market level report for each product and SKU.

Stock management:

Stock movement and inventory management are crucial dots of an FMCG and retail business, which can otherwise lead to consumer dissatisfaction and risks brand reputation. GoSales, an intuitive Van Sales Automation software enables you to accurately monitor stock movement and get an instant report on current stock status through image capturing. By using GoSales, leading FMCG businesses have greatly benefitted from direct-to-store delivery and keeping up with the brand’s promise.

Live location tracking:

The GoSales advantage of live tracking field sales personnel with effective geo fencing sends you real-time notifications of their whereabouts and alerts when any agent is out of the radar. Besides real-time location tracking, GoSales is also an intelligent resource-saving software that aids in the accurate tracking of your field force and thus reduces settling unverified travel allowances. Wish to experience the above advantages at your fingertips? Automate your sales ecosystem with GoSales, a next-gen field force management app, programmed by the tech curators of MaxMobility. Call now for a free demo on GoSales benefits for your venture. A detailed review of how field force management