Airtel: Case Study

    Posted By Max Mobility
    On 28-Jan-2016
    • Digital Transformation

    The client: A leading telecom service operator based in India Challenges The main challenge was to bring agility on the field by providing important sales information and updating the same on the go whenever wherever.  The client used to operate  many sales teams at a country-level without any tracking system or IT roadmap. The rapid growth in business needed the restructuring of the sales process for better customer service. Consequently, sales managers and marketing team needed to have a complete view and insight into the opportunities, strengths, and potential customers. The client were looking for a best-in-class sales force automation (SFA) app that would enable him to scale his sales, boost sales force productivity, and enhance  field force performance. Our solution MaxMobility helped the client consolidate its sales teams and optimize the sales process, and develop a cutting-edge IT roadmap to deliver the best-in-class SFA for the best sales force automation. The trend-setting enterprise mobility solution app increased productivity, facilitating instant information anytime, anywhere. Benefits

    • Instant reporting at the back office
    • Increased savings with well-optimized planning and prompt information exchange
    • Improved customer satisfaction
    • Instant online reporting and monitoring
    • A 360o view of complete sales activity
    • Track, manage and monitor sales in various levels
    • Access best in class reports and custom define your own reports for distributor/retailer/salesman level aggregation
    • Last mile visibility of distribution for better planning.
    The enterprise mobility solutions aid the client to increase sales and bring about some significant positive changes.