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Fleet Tracking – Solution Unfolded | MaxMobility

Posted By Max Mobility
On 10-Nov-2016
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Those in the domain of transport business are aware of the fact that fleet tracking has always been a big deal. Nowadays, when fuel pricing and maintenance costs are quite high, it is important to track one’s fleet of vehicles properly to make a profit out of it. One fine morning, our enquiry team received a call from a businessperson who has a fleet of 32 Trucks. The problem faced by that person was predictable yet a very serious one. Continuously for three months, he was receiving an excessive amount of bills from the petrol pumps. The amount was almost double than the predictable amount of consumed fuel. After crosschecking with the petrol pump authority through the help of their CCTV footage, he made it sure that it was his fleet of trucks with the same registration numbers. After a meeting with that man, we understood it was a case of fuel theft and the entire fleet of drivers & helpers was involved in. He was looking for a solution with the help of which he will be able to solve it without a confrontation with the drivers. As per his requirement, we delivered him our ‘Max Track Fleet’ solution. With the help of our Fleet Tracking Solutions, you will be able to not only track your fleets but also do something more than that. Here is how–

MaxTrack Fleet: -

This is our unique solution to meet the needs of those, who own a number of freight carrying vehicles. Once your vehicle is equipped with that GPS tracking device with a connection established in between the battery and the device, you are done. With the help of this one, you will be able to –
  • Track Distance – Distance tracker is an embedded feature gives you the detailed record of the distance travelled by your vehicle(s). The main motto is to prevent fuel theft by keeping the owner well informed. You can tally the bills of the petrol pump and the travelled distance whenever you want.
  • Track Speed – This feature enables you to track the present and average speed of your vehicle and informs you whether presently it is stationary or running.
  • Ignition – With this one, you will be informed by Ignition ON/OFF alerts.
  • Route Replay – If you pre-schedule a route, this feature will show you a replay of your vehicle’s movement including the stoppage time and places within a map.
  • Track Undue Stop -- Once you mark the scheduled stops of your vehicle, you will start getting an ‘undue stop alert’ every time your vehicle comes to a halt except those marked by you.
  • SMS Log Report – This is another integrated and important feature comes with our sophisticated solution. At a later stage, with the help of this report, you will be able to retrieve the time and condition of the SMS, which has been triggered to the registered (preferably of the owner) mobile number.

School Bus Tracking: -

Tracking a fleet of goods vehicle is no doubt a matter of a headache but when it comes to school buses, it is very different. Tense guardians, annoyed school administration and diligent drivers – our motto were to deliver a complete solution for all of them. Keeping in mind all those complications that might come on the way while plying school students; we have included some unique features like ETA (Estimated Time of Arrival) Log, Running Stoppage Report, student list etc in addition with all those present in the fleet tracking solution. With the help of our School Bus Tracking –
  • Guardians/Parents receive the Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA) of the school bus in the form of an SMS. This feature ensures that no child remain unattended even for a single moment.
  • The schools are able to track their buses as well which ensures they can plan everything accordingly.
  • Moreover, a ‘Student List’ gives a complete vehicle wise list of students.
In short, it is a complete and unique solution to ensure the safety and security of each student. With the additional features, it gives a better protection over MaxTrack Fleet.