• GoSales Connecting the Dots in the Real World

GoSales Connecting the Dots in the Real World

Posted By Max Mobility
On 23-Jul-2019
  • Sales Force Automation

Field force automation is a massive opportunity for businesses that manage a global and disparate sales force. The SFA market size is estimated to grow to 7.4Bn by 2023. But while we are at it, we might need to address some hindrances to achieve that level of growth. Scattered data and teams lead to inefficiencies, gaps in the process, and leaking money and time.

With a seamlessly integrated sales force automation platform, you can get a real-time, 360-degree view of your sales operations. Effectiveness in the sales process also leads you to drive better outcomes to form field visits and maximize ROI.

Features in an SFA Solution That Connect the dots in the real-world

With a scattered sales process, you often get stuck in low productivity, dwindling employee performance, and so on.

A salesforce automation software such as GoSales that comes along with the following features can help turn those challenges into opportunities:

  • Enable offline - Did you know that a salesperson spends 50% of the time on administrative duties? On-field executives can use offline capabilities to follow their schedule, create a beat route, and update operation time and transfer data offline. In remote areas where field salespersons have to make visitations, this feature can be a game-changer for any business.

  • Create granular reports - Monthly sales reports customized to meet your needs can allow you to view progress over a period and determine points of improvement within the entire process. With granular reports, you can dive deep into the data gathered by on-field personnel and devise strategies to approach customers.

  • Get real-time alerts - Allow field force persons to receive instant notifications and alerts about stocks, unavailable products, discounts, offers, personalized coupons, and more so they can maximize the efficiency of their customer interactions. When field salespersons can be instantly notified of changes in the inventory, they will refrain from taking urgent orders and make the right decisions on the field.

  • Integrate with ERP - Your sales force automation platform was never made to work as a standalone solution. For maximum visibility into data across the enterprise, your answer must be easy to integrate with a third-party ERP system. This is how you can break down data silos and lead to one single source of truth for all stakeholders, managers, and salespersons.

  • Geocode outlets - Sales fields working on the field can tag their location and geo-code outlets to allow you to track them when there is a need to look after the safety of your employees. Real-time tracking of employees can also help you monitor their performance on the field and take necessary measures to encourage them to do their best.

  • Order and invoice - Through a sales force automation solution, your teams can take orders on the field through their mobile devices, generate invoices, collect payments, and update all information to their managers to streamline the entire process and eliminate guesswork and mismanagement.

  • Manage primary and secondary sales - A field force automation solution can give you increased visibility into not only your initial sales but also into your secondary network.

As a result of these critical features that are a part of GoSales, three companies transformed how they managed their on-field sales force.

Keventer Agro

Keventer Agro was desperately looking for a solution to help them monitor their primary, secondary, and tertiary sales. They also wanted to keep a tab on the stock returns from their super distributors and distributors network.

Furthermore, it was their ideal scenario to be able to view which distributors accepted sales sent to them by the company or their super distributors. Keventer Agro also wanted their salespersons to be able to view all details concerning the sales and stock with regards to their distributors- all through their mobile devices.

With the help of GoSales, Keventer employees now upload daily sales data using the Admin portal, and each sale now goes to its corresponding super distributor or distributor. Both kinds of distributors are now able to accept orders through a mobile device or a web portal.

Administrators can view the returned stocks and understand why they were brought back and see details of unaccepted invoices turned down by distributors or super distributors. Salespersons now have a clear picture of the stock and sales measures of each distributor for each day, which they can use to plan their visits.

Currently, Keventer Agro is uploading over 2,000 invoices every month using the Admin portal within GoSales, and their vast network of 1,500 distributors is presently leveraging the platform.

Excel Wallpapers

Excel Wallpapers faced two core issues:

  • They had a massive collection of catalogs. It was a hassle to carry them to dealers and distributors because of their heaviness.

  • They wanted to be able to track the attendance of their sales force team through an automated solution.

With GoSales, we were able to digitize their entire catalog on their mobile devices. Now, their sales force teams can show it to each of their suppliers and distributors, take customer feedback, and even gather competitor details. The catalog is entirely dynamic so that it can be managed through the backend, and the changes will immediately reflect on the user’s handset.

GoSales also allowed Excel Wallpapers to efficiently and seamlessly track employee attendance through our automated feature.

Jubilant Agri

Jubilant Agri was looking for a complete suite of sales force automation features to manage their sales operations, right from salespersons to distributors. GoSales provided them with this automation.

Now, their entire sales force is digitally tracked and managed, including their attendance and expenses. Currently, Jubilant Agri is filing more than 2,84,574 orders every month through GoSales. Additionally, they have entirely implemented the Distribution Management System to help them manage their broad base of distributors.

What GoSales Can Do for You

Sales managers have so much on their plate that they can barely focus on building strategies that can help them increase sales. 24% of the top-performing sales teams base their judgments via data-driven insights. Furthermore, sales people spend 34% of their time selling. They have to take care of everything first, and then they can get down to selling.

By implementing a sales force automation solution, you can eliminate a lot of tedious tasks for your employees and get them to zero in their efforts on selling. This way, your employees are generally pumped, satisfied with their jobs, and empowered to make a significant impact on your company’s profit and revenue.

Here are a few measurable RoI GoSales can bring to your business in a matter of weeks:
  • Improvements in field reps’ productivity by 35%
  • Twelve percent reduction in operational costs
  • A 10% increase in sales orders
  • A shortened service to delivery cycle by 10%

Sales force management and automation solution GoSales can help you:

  • Monitor employee performance across locations
  • Gain more visibility into your primary, secondary, and tertiary sales
  • Discover insights about customer preferences and interest, essential to personalize the customer experience and gain a competitive edge
  • Collect business data about distributors and suppliers and offer them strategies to increase sales
  • Run targeted promotions, discounts, and offers after understanding the pulse of the market
  • Find gaps in sales productivity and plug holes for optimized use of resources
  • Boost employee morale by eliminating undervalue and under-utilization
  • Track the attendance and performance of employees automatically
  • Optimize the route for salespersons to eliminate hassles in making visits
  • Enable real-time reports and dashboards to provide transparency into data
  • Plan new outlets by viewing proposed outlets vis-a-vis existing ones and assessing their distances from nearby outlets

Far and wide, a sales force automation solution helps you gain a holistic view of your sales operations, teams, and results. Analyze the performance of your teams and improve where needed.

Without gaining in-depth insights about your sales functions, you can’t possibly optimize operations. But, with an SFA solution such as GoSales, you can bring a justified ROI on your sales efforts.

We are ready to digitize your sales force. Reach out to us for further discussion.