• How a  Fortune 500 Giant, ITC Limited, Transformed their Sales Processes with their Tech Partner MaxMobility

How a Fortune 500 Giant, ITC Limited, Transformed their Sales Processes with their Tech Partner MaxMobility

Posted By Max Mobility
On 09-Apr-2024
  • Digital Transformation

ITC Limited is a prominent Indian conglomerate that deals in various sectors including FMCG, hospitality, software, packaging, paperboards, specialty papers, and agribusiness. ITC's global presence encompasses exports to 90 countries, establishing itself as a pioneer in numerous sectors. ITC encountered significant hurdles in streamlining and monitoring its sales processes.

Thus, it embarked on a quest to find a quality stable partner. Finding the right partners is like finding treasure on a map in the world of technology. It takes innovation, reliability, and a strong commitment to quality. They evaluated MaxMobility on different parameters such as 


  • Technical Expertise: This parameter is crucial as it ensures that the solutions provided are robust, scalable, and aligned with industry best practices.
  • Quality of Delivery: Maintaining a high standard of delivery is essential for building trust and credibility.
  • Innovation: Innovation involves going beyond conventional approaches to problem-solving and delivering solutions.
  • Timely Delivery: We don’t need to explain the importance of timely delivery. It is critical for maintaining project momentum, meeting client expectations, and achieving overall project success.

After meticulous research and evaluation of various solutions available in the market, ITC identified MaxMobility as the ideal tech partner to address their needs. MaxMobility has forged a robust partnership with ITC, a collaboration that has flourished over +4 years. Understanding their pain points implicitly, we embarked on developing as well as customizing mobile applications tailored to streamline their entire sales process.  


They have trusted us for several projects including developing and customizing mobile applications that cater to the diverse needs of ITC's merchandisers, management, and sales teams. The implementation of MaxMobility's solutions has resulted in a 25% increase in overall productivity among merchandisers and sales teams. Looking back, we're happy with what we've achieved with ITC. As we look ahead, we're excited to keep pushing boundaries and building partnerships that last. We are looking forward to continuing our journey with ITC.