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How a Smart Sales Force Automation App Can Create a Cohesive Sales and Marketing Enablement | MaxMobility

Posted By Max Mobility
On 11-Jul-2019
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Sales and marketing enablement means giving employees access to the right information, content, applications, and tools that can help them perform their tasks efficiently. The aim is to help sales and marketing people successfully attract and engage their buyer through the sales and marketing process to boost conversion.

A significant part of sales and marketing enablement lies in the information made available to your employees at the right time so they can enhance their outreach campaigns and gain customers’ loyalty and trust while offering them a memorable experience.

A sales force automation app, when developed from the standpoint of both marketing and sales professionals, can be the cohesive force between the enablement of both.

Why a Sales Force Automation App is Beneficial for Marketers:

There are a few fundamentals where sales and marketing have fused into each other, or, at least, the lines between them have blurred.

  • They believe in the notion of an ‘ideal customer’  - Both sales and marketing people should have a solid grasp on who their target audience is. They need to know what tactics and strategies work best with various customer segments.

  • They  work on value proposition - A good value proposition is based on the pain points of your target audience to show how your product or service can eliminate them. For this, you need a deeper understanding of your customers and where they are in their journey.

  • They create compelling messaging - Sales and marketing persons create customized and tailored messaging for their target audience to establish trust and expand their customer base.

  • They need automation - Both sales and marketing tasks have some degree of monotonicity to them. Therefore, it is best that these low-level tasks be automated to make space for the value-add jobs that allow these employees to work at their best.

Since the line between sales and marketing is increasingly getting blurred, sales and marketing enablement can be done cohesively through a sales force automation app.

How an SFA Solution Creates This Enablement

There are several features in a credible sales force automation app that work together to help salespersons perform at their best by judiciously using the resources at hand- be it data, applications, or time.

Here are a few ways in which an SFA solution works toward sales and marketing enablement:

  • Automate Tedious Tasks  - Salespersons cannot be forced to do the monotonous and still stay productive at work. This is why an SFA solution works to automate the tasks that take energy levels to the drain. These include calls and email logging, serving content in context, reporting, and forecasting, training and behavior management, appointment scheduling, identifying sales effectiveness, measuring metrics, tracking performance, delivering insights from process optimization, and so on.

  • Leverage Content Management - With an AI-powered sales force automation solution, you can use personalized content and messaging to appeal to prospects. Moreover, you can use a content management platform to build consistent content from corporate branding to compliance. This helps salespersons carry out productive conversations that lead the prospect more profound into the funnel.

  • More In-depth Analytics and Insights - With a sales force automation solution, a business can run comprehensive analytics and gain insights into their primary as well as secondary sales cycle. Doing so, sales and marketing managers can create customized campaigns and understand the depth and breadth of buyer behavior, interests, reactions to messaging. These insights can help employees course-correct strategies and accommodate customer feedback.

  • Knowledge and Training Management - An SFA solution can also allow you to upload documents and videos to the platform to help on-field salespersons and technicians access the information they need when they need it. Product knowledge can contribute to increased sales. And managing and automating knowledge capture and sharing within teams can enhance product knowledge within the enterprise.

  • Track Employee Performance - An SFA solution can help you track employee performance and incentivize customer acquisition, retention, or any other metric important for your business. Employee adherence to best practices can be the single most significant cause for the success or failure of your business. Track employee activities and promote hard work.

  • Gain More Visibility - When a company has no idea how their sales teams are spending their productive time, there is no way for them to make the sales process more effective. The best sales force automation app will allow managers to gain complete visibility across the enterprise when it comes to employee performance, KPIs, strategies, and more. You can track on-field employees in real-time and measure the effectiveness of their visits and how they are closing deals.

  • Sales and Marketing Alignment - Harmony between the sales and marketing process can mean everything to enhance a customer’s journey. With an SFA solution, you can develop a centralized information system which acts as a single source of truth, use tools for sales and marketing persons to collaborate, track content that sales and marketing teams can use to create a unified brand experience for customers.

By working at the intersection of sales and marketing, sales force automation app can create solidified sales and marketing enablement. By automating and enhancing the end-to-end process, you can help your sales and marketing teams to achieve better conversion rates, close deals faster, work on selling, and make more.

As a result, you drive more sales opportunities and sell smarter with predictive intelligence, view first interactions across touch points to create a consistent brand image, predict business outcomes and work to improve them, increase collaboration, visibility, and transparency across the enterprise, and unify ERP and CRM capabilities.

Sales and marketing enablement through a sales force automation app can help you implement customer centricity and put the customer at the forefront of initiatives.