• How can DMS be integrated with other business management solutions, such as ERP and CRM systems?

How can DMS be integrated with other business management solutions, such as ERP and CRM systems?

Posted By Max Mobility
On 10-May-2023
  • Distributor Management System

Integrating Distributor Management System (DMS) with ERP and CRM  (customer relationship management) is essential for any sales-focused business that depends on a wide network of wholesalers, retailers, and multi-tier distribution networks. All these digital solutions are essential components in optimizing various facets of a complex sales and distribution web like tracking field agents, monitoring wholesaler and retailer-level dealings, and in managing inventory, promotions, and pricing.

Now that you have an overview of the importance of integration, let’s delve deeper into the benefits of integrating DMS

The integration of a distributor management system with various business management solutions like ERP (enterprise resource planning) and CRM unlocks limitless advantages for your business. Incorporating these business management solutions in a single system simplifies your daily operations and distribution management by eliminating every probable error and enabling 100% accuracy and transparency in every aspect of business operations and sales management. Most importantly, the internal communication and collaboration among teams and team members also get enhanced as every department such as sales, marketing, operations, and finance works in sync to fuel efficiency and accuracy. With an integrated system, you now can easily align your business strategy to meet your business goals and customer expectations.

What are the challenges of integration? 

While integrating the three software leads to multifold advantages for your business, but isn’t always as easy as it seems. Some snapshots of the challenges are:
  • Compatibility issues among software platforms, and formats
  • Customization of the channel process
  • Security and privacy issues
Additionally, the time and resources needed for implementation, and testing double the challenges besides periodic maintenance.

Is there any distribution management app that is easy to integrate?

GoSales designed by MaxMobility is a 360-degree sales force automation solution that you can easily integrate with your distributor management system through Application Programme Interface. GoSales is a one-of-a-kind sales and distribution management software that can also be seamlessly integrated with ERP. 

What are the best integration practices?

Considering the integration of a distribution management system (DMS) with ERP and CRM can be the smartest move for your business prospect. But considering the following factors are a must for successful integration.
  • Define realistic goals, scope, and requirement
  • Go for a flexible distributor management system that can be easily integrated into the existing system 
  • Involve your employee and team members through the integration process and train them on the process 
  • Monitoring of the KPI (key performance indicator) is also important to measure the success of integration
  • Periodic review and update of the integration is also important to address glitches and call for an immediate fix

How Integrating GoSales Distributor Management System can benefit your business?

By integrating GoSales, you switch to seamless order management by monitoring real-time client order status, Inventory management, and pricing Integrating GoSales DMS with ERP streamlines managing your company’s every small to big transaction at your fingertips. You now can have easy access to crucial financial reports when needed from anywhere and anytime. Warehouse management is also now just a click away with the integration of GoSales DMS with flexible features like inventory choosing, auditing of inventory transactions, and much more.  So what are you waiting for? It’s time to brace up your operation management system by integrating GoSales DMS with ERP and CRM and watch your business scale better and bigger in a streamlined process. Get your business future-proof with GoSales, a product of MaxMobility, one of the leading software solution companies in Kolkata. With our innovative technology and experienced team, we ensure that businesses can easily manage their distribution channels, resulting in increased efficiency and profitability. Choose MaxMobility for a comprehensive and reliable DMS solution that can transform your business operations. With an experience of over 15+ years, serving over 250+ customers and offering 1200+ apps and other digital solutions, we have come a long way to become an unrivaled name in the business. Our revolutionary digital applications are ready to run, with an affordable setup, and are easy to use at many locations. Feel free to contact us or, email us at sales@maxmobility.in, or, call on +(0)33 2324 5925.