• How can SFA be used to streamline sales processes and improve customer satisfaction?

How can SFA be used to streamline sales processes and improve customer satisfaction?

Posted By Max Mobility
On 01-May-2023
  • Sales Force Automation

Customer satisfaction and boosting sales are every business’s only aim to ensure unrivaled market dominance. Customer centricity is now the core approach of every business to enhance their market value as a customer-oriented business first by understanding their pain points and solving them with promptness. This is why leading sales-focused businesses are now arming their sales team with a sales force automation solution to streamline the sales process and improve customer satisfaction.

Potential reasons to arm your sales team with SFA (sales force automation):

  • By adopting sales force automation, you can now cut-off additional unwanted tasks for your sales team like data entry and deploy them more productively like customer persuasion and problem-solving.
  • SFA also helps in streamlining the sales process to enable the sales team in implementing the best sales and marketing strategy for faster lead generation and conversion
  • Data analysis is a vital component of streamlining the sales process and enhances customer satisfaction. Data analytics is all about accuracy. Only a 360-degree sales force automation solution like GoSales can offer you a detailed report of the sales representatives' sales process, deals, and efficiency.

What is GoSales?

GoSales is a mobile-first sales force automation solution designed by MaxMobility, one of the leading digital solution providers in India. This feature-packed sales force automation is curated to micro-manage every critical factor of your sales and distribution ecosystem. The application of sales force automation has increased the productivity of the sales team by up to 14% by minimizing repetitive and manual sales tasks.

A glimpse of GoSales advantages in streamlining the sales process and improving customer satisfaction:

Order management: As the sales team lead or manager, you can efficiently track and manage orders to ensure timely order delivery and fulfillment. Timely meeting consumer demand decides your brand reputation in the market and with GoSales you can manage every crucial aspect of order management from order dispatch to last-end delivery through the following steps:
  • Your sales representatives can directly take orders from an outlet through their mobile devices
  • You as the sales manager get instantly notified as soon as the sales executives enter the product code/ name/quantity
  • One of the most feasible ways to generate customer satisfaction is to offer a customer loyalty program, offers, and discounts. With GoSales, you can provide discounts and schemes and adjust them automatically when applicable.
  • You can also gather and analyze instant and in-depth customer insights to review customer feedback (positive and negative) and work on them to cater to smarter and better offerings.

Van sales automation: Another critical component of boosting sales and customer satisfaction is inventory management. If you lack a transparent inventory management system, you are likely to lose your customer and brand reputation when your product goes out of stock. With GoSales, India’s first 360-degree mobile sales force automation you can now seamlessly track your inventory van movement, manage stock loading, and timely dispatch to ensure a streamlined sales-distribution system. With efficient Van Sales Distribution, you deliver improved customer service leading to unmatched customer satisfaction. To sustain in this cut-throat competitive market, you must ensure that your products and services never go out of stock as the next batch of products from a different brand is ready to replace your status. With GoSales, you can now seamlessly manage your inventory by stalking stock movement from distributor to retailer and capturing the current status of the stock to alert the team. With GoSales van sales automation; you can now efficiently manage stock movement, maintain your retail shelf and keep your customers happy.

Delivery Management: Now take your customer satisfaction score to the next level with GoSales delivery management service to ensure your valued customers are rightly and timely served the benefits of lucrative schemes and discounts. GoSales delivery management is your fast and convenient way to offer your customer reasonably-priced products by optimizing routes, on-time delivery by monitoring delivery operations, last mile visibility, and analyzing sales reports to make smarter business offerings.

 MIS & Analytics: Fetch real-time market insights with impressive graphical statistics for every operational actionable such as KPI-based performance reports, real-time tracking, and order-sales fulfillment reports for faster, and smarter planning of your next business move to become an unrivaled brand in the market.

 Dynamic survey: Do you know accurate survey reports can keep you ahead of the competition and become the best-selling brand of the year? With GoSales, a dynamic survey feature, you are able to create new surveys and dispatch them instantly to the mobile devices of the on-field sales agent and derive instant survey reports. Fetching fast results helps in understanding dynamic consumer behavior, product preference, and feedback to deliver improved customer expectations.

Digital catalog: As you know “what is seen is sold” so offer your customer the best shopping experience with GoSales digital catalog to browse and choose across a wide range of products at one glance. GoSales is a SaaS-based mobile-first sales force automation app that enables your field representatives to initiate and deliver better customer service and close deals faster with a visually captivating and convenient digital catalog. Especially when you are in retail or FMCG, your goods better be moving faster to generate sales which are now simplified by GoSales, designed by MaxMobility.

 Enterprises are implementing sales force automation to cater to optimal customer satisfaction to upscale their market and branding game. This is why GoSales is now trusted by more than 500+ pioneering global organizations to streamline their sales process and build and retain uncompromised customer satisfaction. With an experience of over 15+ years, serving over 250+ customers and offering 1200+ apps and other digital solutions, we have come a long way to become an unrivaled name in the business. Our revolutionary digital applications are ready to run, with an affordable setup, and are easy to use at many locations. Feel free to contact us or, email us at sales@maxmobility.in, or, call on +(0)33 2324 5925.