• How can SFA help with sales forecasting and reporting?

How can SFA help with sales forecasting and reporting?

Posted By Max Mobility
On 21-Apr-2023
  • Sales Force Automation

Suppose you own a successful spice brand and are very confident to stay on top of the game as the monthly sales report is pretty impressive and you have your customer loyalty. Till now the situation seems to be in your favor but suddenly there is a new brand in the market to impress and steal your customers and wipe your brand value with new offerings. Yes, this is happening to many popular brands and that is why businesses are fast integrating Sales Force Automation (SFA) to secure their market share with sales forecasting and reporting.  Sales forecasting is a crucial aspect of analyzing your business’s present and future status and accordingly making smarter decisions, setting goals, sanctioning budget, and other promising additions to boost branding and revenue.   

Why is SFA needed?

The entire spectrum of sales and distribution comprises busy people who are assigned with crucial tasks of managing the entire database of prospects, tracking and hunting leads, initiating conversions, and a lot more. Your competent team of sales reps must be involved in productive selling than wasting time and effort in tasks like data entry and mailing mass campaign mailers. Your sales team is worth more than this so arm them with sales force automation for improved sales forecasting and reporting.  

Wondering which sales force automation tool is the best fit for your business? 

Make an informed choice according to your business needs while looking for the best sales force automation for your business. Always go for a trusted digital solutions company like MaxMobility that brings to you GoSales, a 360-degree sales force automation software, designed to streamline every minute clogs in the sales and distribution ecosystem. Equipped with intuitive sales management features, GoSales can be customized according to your business needs and so is a great value for money.    Upgrading your current sales and distribution management system with GoSales unfolds limitless opportunities for your business to scale 10X. Let’s find out how.  
  • Secondary sales tracking: keeping a tab on your secondary and tertiary sales is crucial for any business in retaining its market share and customer. With GoSales, you can analyze secondary sales data for smart decision-making by understanding the market demand for certain products and consumers’ orientation. GoSales helps you accurately track secondary sales at the retailer and micro-market levels.
  • 360-degree field force management: Arming your field force with GoSales generates real-time personalized sales reports from each sales rep including high-quality images from retail and distributor level so you can make instant and informed business decisions and stay ahead of your competitors.
  • Prospecting: GoSales enables your sales reps to track and reach out to prospective leads who reply. This leads to better bonding with the customer and boosts the chances of conversions. 
  • Sales call: Reaching out to the right audience at the right time is what GoSales do for your business. With GoSales, now you can keep track of the prospective leads and filter call logs to connect with only the potential leads than getting lost in the shuffle.
  • Sales forecasting: GoSales dashboard has all the historical data stored off the potential leads, the current status of the sales pipeline, and market trends. Now you can make a quicker and smarter business move by positioning your products and services to the target audience at the right time. Bonus, you also get to allocate your resources correctly and plan the growth strategy accordingly.
  • Sales reporting and analysis: GoSales is the ultimate tool for the sales manager, and sales team leader to generate instant field sales reports and analyze them to confirm whether to continue with the current plan or chalk out the next progress roadmap.
  Whatever is your sales concern, GoSales have got you covered with end-to-end advanced features to futureproof your business from probable market vulnerabilities. MaxMobility is a leading provider of SFA and DMS solutions that help businesses improve their distribution operations and stay ahead of the competition. With our innovative technology and experienced team, we ensure that businesses can easily manage their distribution channels, resulting in increased efficiency and profitability. Choose MaxMobility for a comprehensive and reliable DMS solution that can transform your business operations. With an experience of over 15+ years, serving over 250+ customers and offering 1200+ apps and other digital solutions, we have come a long way to become an unrivaled name in the business. Our revolutionary digital applications are ready to run, with an affordable setup, and are easy to use at many locations. Feel free to contact us or, email us at sales@maxmobility.in, or, call on +(0)33 2324 5925.