• How GoSales help to track & manage your field force team? | MaxMobility

How GoSales help to track & manage your field force team? | MaxMobility

Posted By Max Mobility
On 14-Oct-2022
  • Gosales

For any sales-focused business, managing the complex web of on-field sales is a tremendous challenge. To simplify this complex supply chain from warehouses, and distributors to last-end retailers and dealers, visionary FMCG and manufacturing companies are integrating the power of field force management apps to enable remote management of field sales personnel from the comfort of anywhere.

1. Importance of automating field force:

The field force is the most treasured asset of an enterprise that not only connects with the retailers on the ground level but also generates leads, sales, and revenue for your company. However, besides the deployed field agents, field sales involve various 3rd party involvements that can give a hard time to the sales manager on the desk to find and manage the missing links. If you too are facing the same challenges managing your field sales, it’s time to automate your sales ecosystem with a custom sales force automation app like GoSales. This next-gen SFA app designed by MaxMobility is integrated with exclusive sales and distribution management features that can help you save maximum time and effort to focus more on productive selling. Specifically designed to simplify the FMCG sales and distribution ecosystem, integrating GoSales can simplify tracking and managing your field force team in just a few taps or clicks. Here is a quick snapshot of the amazing advantages of GoSales for your business.

2. Efficient field force management:

With the advent of on-the-go convenience, managing the field force efficiently is now possible with GoSales which you can use to manage, track, monitor, and streamline the workflow of your field force from anywhere and on the go. With GoSales on your phone and other mobile devices, you as the chief sales officer or manager can assign targets for the salesperson, evaluate their performance and update new assignments and notifications as needed.

3. Gain in-depth real-time reports:

By using this intuitive MaxMobility SFA you can analyze the performance and efficiency of your team with live location tracking, daily, weekly, and monthly sales report, and product-wise sales reports. This all-in-one app is the best solution for streamlining every facet of sales and distribution with ease. By using SFA, a sales manager can assign leads to the field salesperson based on their zip code, product, and SKUs. This substantially lessens the response time.

4. Seamless product management:

GoSales enable you to review number-wise targets, revenue from orders, order from different retailers, the number of products sold, and newly added retailers and customers.

5. Last mile visibility:

Last mile visibility is one of the major drawbacks of a manually managed field force that often leads to mounting confusion in managing the sales figure. By implementing GoSales you experience maximum transparency in tracking your field force till last-end delivery and dealings.

6. Uninterrupted remote management:

With GoSales from your phone, you can access real-time data and high-quality images uploaded on the server even in a 2G network. This feature enables you to keep real-time tracking of field sales agent and their whereabouts irrespective of the network coverage.

7. Error-free management:

Implementing GoSales greatly discards paperwork that directly impacts the overall workflow by eliminating typos and errors to ensure only error-free sharing of reports and data. Want to experience all these on-the-go conveniences from a single app? It’s time to digitize your field force with GoSales, a feature-packed custom field force management app designed by MaxMobility.