• How sales force automation creates a better customer experience than traditional CRM?

How sales force automation creates a better customer experience than traditional CRM?

Posted By Max Mobility
On 19-May-2023
  • Sales Force Automation

Both sales force automation (SFA) and customer relationship management (CRM) systems form an integrated network of software solutions to streamline enterprise operations and meet the ultimate business thumb rule of delivering customer satisfaction. While both these digital solutions are trusted and implemented by companies to scale productivity and ensure efficient operations management, there is a sheer striking difference that arms SFA with multiple added advantages over traditional CRM.   

Don’t believe us? Just sit back and keep scrolling as we decode the cutting-edge advantages of SFA that make traditional CRM a setback to consider replacing or integrating right now. 

  • While CRM is all about customer satisfaction and managing various factors for customer retention, a 360-degree sales force automation solution like GoSales is aimed to solve bigger and more complex challenges in the everyday sales and distribution ecosystem. Programmed with futuristic features, GoSales ensures a 100% efficient and transparent sales process.
  • When customer satisfaction is the ultimate mission of any sales-focused business, the route starts with efficient and transparent management of the field sales force which is just a matter of a few taps with GoSales. With this 360-degree mobile sales force automation you now can seamlessly manage your remote sales team and generate instant field reports to plan your next business move based on market insights and customer reviews.
  • Secondary sales visibility is one of the core concerns in sales-focused business, which if untraceable can lead to irreparable customer dissatisfaction and damage brand impression. With GoSales from your phone or tablet, you can now accurately track reports beyond primary sales like repeat sales, and referrals, measure customer buying trends, and make informed sales and marketing plans.
  • Last mile visibility is a huge factor in managing the supply chain and using GoSales simplifies the entire process to fingertips. Integrating GoSales enables you to have a dotting watch on your product movement from the warehouse and its entire journey through the complex multi-tier distribution network to the retail store to the customer's doorstep and every last mile event. 
  Example: Integrating GoSales has been phenomenal for Keventers, a leading Indian FMCG chain in organizing their sales and distribution management while ensuring last-mile visibility in their supply chain process. Within a few days, Keventers got a clear record of the distributor record and everyday sales before out in the field, viewing stock status and analyzing reports of order returns.  
    • Dynamic survey reports with GoSales keep you a few steps ahead of your competitors leading to customer satisfaction than relying on traditional CRM. Our mobile-first survey reports offer you real-time insights on important KPIs. Now make instant survey questions and provide them to your field agents to extract the latest consumer feedback and analyze them to derive feasible solutions to solve complex sales and marketing issues.
  • Never miss a moment to impress your customer with GoSales digital catalog Than making them wait. A minute missed is a direct gain for your competitors so make the most of every second by making your product and price easily available and visible to your consumers. GoSales ensures optimum customer satisfaction by enabling them to have a better and instant view of all the items at a glance and sorting items according to preference.
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